Attending the SES Toronto Conference for the second year in a row was definitely an enriching experience. Day 1 was all about informational sessions and networking opportunities. I had the opportunity to re-connect some old friends and strike up interesting conversations with new ones. Overall, my first day was a worthwhile experience and I’ll be posting some of they key takeaways below.

Bryan Eisenberg started the day by giving us some valuable tips on how to improve conversion rates significantly in his 21 Secrets to Top Converting Websites session. It was a fast paced and exiting session and I’ll be listing 12 of the main tips that I found extremely important for helping a site convert better.

1. Provide a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and a Unique Campaign Proposition (UCP) : It’s very important differentiate your landing page from others with a unique proposition in order to entice customers and make them convert.

2. Maintain Scent : Scent in this context is defined by the way in which people navigate on the  internet. It’s vital to ensure that there is no disconnect between the pages of your website. The landing page should provide the same information (in a more detailed manner) as listed on the ad. If the two are different in the way they represent information, the customer loses the scent and moves on to another site.

3. Landing Page Optimization is Not Enough : You need to look at the entire journey. Customers will want to look through various pages of your site before making up their mind. Therefore,  it’s important to optimize your entire site and maintain a uniform scent throughout.

4. Appeal to Multiple Personas and Segments : All buyers are different. Optimize your landing page in such a way that all types of people can access information easily. For example, provide a list of top sellers, reviews, sort by genre, title etc.

5. Don’t Over-Optimize : Don’t try to test multiple variations of the same page. Simple A/B testing is good enough to find out which version has a larger impact. “Test for impact not for variations”.

6. Leverage Social Commerce : Let previous customers sell your product by listing their reviews on your landing page.

7. Use Promotional Tactics : Promote your best selling products through your email marketing campaign. Add reviews to leverage social commerce and help make your customer’s decision easier.

8. Use Persuasion Tactics : Create an urgency for offers such as “only a few remaning” to persuade customers to purchase immediately.

9. Make Forms Look Engaging : Make forms look pretty and don’t provide a large amount of questions for the customer to fill out answers to. A lot of e-commerce websites ask for signing up before making a purchase. You can avoid this and provide your customer with the convenience to shop without setting up an account but offer the option AFTER the purchase has been made at the ‘Thank You’ page.

10. Test Constantly : Make the experience more powerful for your customers by implementing the techniques which have the largest impact. Test constantly to find that appropriate setup.

11. Utilize a System for Prioritization : Testing a lot things at the same time can be an overwhelming process. Prioritize your tests by thinking like customers to determine what needs to be changed in order to make them convert quicker.

12. Know How to Execute Rapidly : Amazon re-designed their entire mp3 store just 2 hours after the death of Michael Jackson. It is important to be able to make changes to your system quickly in reaction to sudden changes in consumer demand.
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