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As per my original post on How to Skyrocket your Local SEO with Google+ Part 1. I provided a step-by-step guide on how to optimize your Google+ Business page. I am now going to provide you with the second part in the series how to optimize your Google+ Local page. One of the greatest assets of Google+ Local is its ability to increase your Local SEO ranking and visibility in Google SERP’s. Claiming your local business listing on Google+ Local can be one of the most beneficial and free ways to get traffic flowing to your website from search engines. The following are just a couple reasons why claiming your listing is so important.

  1. Ensures the information Google contains about your business is actually correct
  2. Increased exposure on search engines and local searches
  3. Allows people to view photos, customer reviews, and driving instructions to your business
  4. Links your website to your Google maps listing
  5. Gives you a competitive advantage over other businesses that have not claimed their local business listings

Google+ Local Optimization

 Google+ Local

Business Name:

The business name you fill out in this section should be your official business name that you use in all of your professional branding documents such as your business card.


Fill out your full business address on the first business line (street number, street name). If you need to specify a suite number or P.O. Box number make sure to write it on the second address line. Make sure to also check where Google placed your location pin on the map and correct the location if needed.

Note: P.O. Boxes are not considered accurate physical location.

Image: Below is Powered by Search’s Google+ local listing on Google Maps

Google+ Map

Local Phone Number:

Provide only one phone number that is the primary phone number for your individual business location. Provide a local number not a toll free number (800).


Provide only one website that is the primary website for your individual business location. Provide a URL that brings users to your homepage not a landing page.


Fill out a very minimum of one category for this section from the list of available categories by Google. I would recommend selecting as many as possible that relate to what your company is. Since the category tags are sorted by importance be sure to use the pre-populated categories that Google has created first and add your own custom categories second.

Note: Do not search for categories for what your company “does” or products your company “sells” (e.g. Grooming or PS4 consoles).

Image: Below is Powered by Search’s Google+ Local page “Basic Information” 


Hours of Operation:

Posting your hours of operation creates a sense of authority for both users and search engines.

Note: Google might see businesses that don’t include their business hours as being “closed.”

Business Description:

When filling out your business description make sure to keep it short and sweet. Don’t use complicated keywords that customers would never search for to describe your products or services. Always keep your target market and buyer personas in mind and use simple keywords that they would use to search for your type of business.

Photos / Videos:

Include at least one image so that you have a profile image for your Google+ Local page. Make sure this profile image is high quality and relevant to your business (e.g. company logo, mascot, main office). Google allows you to upload up to 10 images of your business so make sure to take full advantage of it.

Note: Only upload high quality images that are relevant to your business and make sure to always comply with Google+ local photo and video guidelines.

Local search is discovering the positive impact of images, with 60 percent of consumers more inclined to select a business with images in its local listing – MDG Advertising

Customer Reviews:

Obtaining positive 5 Star customer reviews is by far one of the most important parts of Google+ Local. If you haven’t already, make sure to contact your most loyal long-term clients and kindly ask them to write you a positive review. Phil Rozek has found that the average #1 ranking has 33% more customer reviews than the average #7 ranking.

Image: Below is Powered by Search’s customer reviews on Google+ Local

Reviews Google+

Images: Below are some screen shots that Barry Schwartz took while searching for the term “Barber.” This example clearly shows that if you want to be ranked at the top you need to pull in those positive customer reviews.

Barber Reviews


Barber Reviews 2

Google Carousel:

I have also written a post on the Google Carousel called Google Carousel Exposed – The Local SEO Guide.This post goes over what Carousel is, how it works, what the impact is, and how to get on the Carousel to optimize your local seo.

Image: Below is the Google Carousel shown while searching for “What to do in Toronto.”

Things to do in toronto

100% Complete Profile: 

Make sure to fill out every possible field in your Google+ Local page. Once all of the fields are filled out you will see 100% complete like the image below.

business info

– Comments –

If you can think of anything I have left out that can help people skyrocket their Local SEO on Google+ Local please leave a comment below!

For more information download The Marketers Guide to Local SEO

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