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Prepare for Stumbleupon 3.27 Beta

Unknowingly to most social media marketers, Stumbleupon is rolling out a fair number of changes that could affect user profiles, and their ‘stumble power’.  The beta has already rolled, and its only time before the finished release becomes available.

Prominent changes in this release include:

  • Adds a thumbdown menu featuring the following options:
    1. Not-for-me ~ This doesn’t suit me.
    2. Stumbled this before ~ This content was in a previous stumble.
    3. Too much like this lately ~ Baby animals are nice, but that’s enough for now.
  • Adds website blocking via the thumbdown menu for FF 3.x users.
  • Fixes a bug in FF 3.x bookmark integration that could cause a tag to be applied upon rating thumbdown.
  • Adds options to report a stumble as ‘Factually incorrect’ or ‘Unsafe’.
  • Adds more convenient reporting of incorrect topic via an optional reporting menu. See the ‘Show topic as’ item on the Configuration tab of Toolbar Options.
  • When topic is displayed as a menu (for reporting incorrect topic), other reporting items are located on this menu rather than on the Tools menu.

Implications of the Algorithm Change

Let’s evaluate what this change means in order of the updates for the new release:

Expanding the Thumb Down Menu

  • Not For Me – This is the same as its always been and excludes stumbles by the tags and domain.
  • Stumbled This Before – As a user I like this! I’ve seen a fair number of the same stumbles being rotated especially if the tag doesn’t have much content.
  • Too Much of This Lately – Great for the user, but potentially a deterrent for viral marketing campaigns.

However, using ‘too much of this lately’ affects the stumbler’s user profile as stated by SU staff: “Using Too much like this lately’ will affect the aggregate reputation for the profile. Usually there’s something about the stumble that makes it the straw that broke the camel’s back. If you’re getting profiles too often when stumbling within ‘All’, it may be better to remove the Stumblers topic. Then, when you’re in the mood to see profiles, choose the Stumblers channel from the Channel Menu”

Website Blocking – Self explanatory. Either serve up decent content, or run the risk of never showing up for a stumbler again.

Factually Incorrect or Unsafe – This will become the new haven for stumble trolls, or folks who want to to engage in negative social media (much the same as negative SEO). Stumbleupon is working on this, but I can definitely see potential for it to be gamed.

Stumbleupon Takeaways

Overall, the change has been for the better, but it will be interesting to see how traffic levels and sharing of content changes as the new release is adopted by the entire SU user base. For marketers, this definitely means refraining from stumbling up those pesky proxy website stumble requests, and others that fit the ‘low quality’ bill. That’s just my 2 cents, but feel free to add your own in the comments!

You can download the beta or join in with your own questions and comments at the official stumbleupon thread.

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