Partnering with Fancy, Gumroad, Musictoday and Stripe; Twitter has just released their newest feature: a “Buy” button.

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Twitter is excited to announce the new way for you to discover and buy, all in one tweet. This new feature has rolled out in the iOS and Android Twitter apps, giving users a more convenient way to access special offers and merchandise.

Not Available for Everyone (Yet)…

Twitter is in testing period at the moment for this feature and has only rolled out the ability to use this feature to a selected music stars, not-for-profits and retailers. This is the complete list so far:




Along with this, the ability to use this feature is only available to a small percentage of U.S. users, but this will grow over time.

What I Think…

As a user this new feature excites the “Ease of Use”  side of me to no end. The ability to view a tweet and with a couple of clicks buy a product is amazing. Especially if they keep this good looking UI:

Twitter E-commerce User Interface

However, the marketing side of me is curious in the consistency of this feature with the Twitter brand. Twitter to me has always been the “Conversational” of the Social Media family, but with this new feature, I am unsure how the conversation will continue.

Are they going to incorporate user generated reviews, or will it just be a one sided sales pitch?

Will companies get too excited and push too many promotions, again reducing the two-way conversation that Twitter has excelled at?

 As E-commerce is a totally new beast, how has Twitter built up it’s security to prevent fraudulent purchasing?

 Finally, with the amount of music stars they have for their beta testing, I wonder if they are targeting the itunes market?

 What do you think?

What this means for you…

Twitters push into E-commerce emphasizes the current revenue focused direction they have taken recently (with the inclusion of their native advertising). With both these strategies, Twitter and the very few that understand Twitter understands that they will not work without the mutual respect and trust of user and company.

For your company to take advantage of Twitter E-Commerce, if and when it rolls out internationally, start utilizing the time you have now to:

These will give you a greater foundation to give your Twitter followers something to look forward to when you give them exclusive offerings through the Twitter E-commerce.

With this new news, we are eager to hear your thoughts?

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