Recently, TopSEOs, an “Independent Authority on Search Vendors” which provides a ranking/rating of SEO companies, was de-indexed by Google, for using black hat tactics.

It’s domain was de-indexed last week, and a second domain dropped within 24 hours of it’s creation. As of this writing, their third domain has also been taken down from Google’s index as well.

Google Search

If one were to search topseos on Google, the first page looks like this… Ouch!

Google Search: topseos results

Google couldn’t have killed TopSEOs from its search rankings any better than this. However this humiliating downfall is justified as the black hat tactics that TopSEOs have been caught doing has been raised by industry experts numerous times.

  • Stealing content from other websites
  • Spamming inboxes with poor quality press releases
  • Failing to review/evaluate the companies that they rank
  • Making deceiving promises to get visitors to fill out a form
  • Responding to complaints in a unprofessional and often threatening manner
  • Claiming to be an “Independent Authority” when companies can pay for rankings

What to conclude from this

The punishment of TopSEOs is a positive event in the SEO world. It’s in the best interest of everybody from the search engines to search engine visitors to remove the use of black hat tactics in search engines, and TopSEO was one of the worst sites guilty of using them.

This event is especially beneficial for SEO companies as it draws a clear distinction between the black hat tactics used by TopSEOs and the white hat practices used by credible SEO companies such as link-building to credible sources or creating high quality content.

Overall, Google and other sites will continue to render black hat tactics useless as it punishes the sites that use them, leaving only the most credible SEO practices behind.

p.s. If you are a SEO company and have any connections with TopSEOs i.e. paid for advertising at, social proof on web pages, disavow those connections immediately.

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