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Turning Counter-Intuitive Advice into a Strategic Advantage

Search Marketers are a great bunch. Among all the marketers I’ve worked (some of whom have 20+ years of experience), I’ve found search marketers to be the brightest of all marketing folk in being able to relate, transpose, create, and execute on complex marketing campaigns.

While we’re great at tying in the code level aspects of website promotion, in addition to blogging, PR, social media, email marketing (the list goes on), we cannot ever forget that we’re servicing a client’s customers at the end of the day. Thinking like customer would can save time, effort, and yield better results than what the marketer in you think’s he or she ought to do.

So How Do I Think Like the Customer?

Eh, that’s pretty simple really. Your brain is too attuned to dissecting marketing messages, so ask someone more like the customer than emulating what the customer would think. Here’s some ideas:

  • Ask your Mom – Your mom probably is 10X less search savvy than you are. My respect goes out to all mothers who are teaching their grown up kids a thing or two about using Google.
  • Ask your kids – They are definitely as savvy as you are if not more, but they might not think about a marketing campaign the same way a marketer does.
  • Ask a the Real Customer – Surveys are a great way to get information direct from the source. Why not run one via Facebook, or other survey services? If you’re promoting Tim Horton’s coffee’s newest iced cappaccino flavour, why not strike up a conversation with a customer just like yourself about an exclusive preview if they’re willing to offer up their thoughts on the product?

There are many ways to get into ‘customer-vision’ mode and leave the marketer in your behind for a while. Once you’ve got your insights ready, jump right back in and plan that campaign to glory.

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