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In June 2014, Adobe released the latest Photoshop CC update. The upgraded software includes a number of stellar improvements such as:

In this post I will cover all the new features that Adobe has jam packed into the new PhotoShop CC, videos & tutorials to show you how the new features & enhancements work, and a comparison of the features over the past 5 Photoshop versions.

Don’t got time to read the full post? Check out this short 3 min video from Adobe that showcases Photoshop CC’s new features and enhancements:

1. Smart Object Improvements

It’s so much easier to work smart with linked Smart Objects. This features allows you to maintain the links to external files by automatically packaging them in a single directory. If you have existing embedded Smart Objects you can now convert them to linked Smart Objects.

Learn how Smart Objects are even smarter than before by watching this video:

2. Improved Layer Comps

It’s easier than ever to save time in Photoshop CC with improved Layer Comps. You can now change the visibility, appearance, or position of a single layer in Layer Comp and then go and sync that change to your other layers. You also have the ability to see the attributes of each Layer Comp and toggle a Layer Comp with a Smart Object.

Learn how to seamlessly work with the newly refined Layer Comps by watching this video:

3. Blur Gallery Motion Effects

Get ready to blur like you’ve never blurred before. The Mercury Graphics Engine makes all new Blur Gallery interactions a breeze. You can add blur along any path with Path Blur or create circular/elliptical blurs with Spin Blur. The blur options are seemingly endless!

Want to learn how to work with Blur Gallery? Check out this tutorial: How to work with Blur Gallery

Learn how to use the new, nondestructive Spin Blur in Photoshop to create realistic motion effects by watching this video:

4. Focus Mask

The new Focus Mask determines which parts on an image are in focus and then automatically selects them for you. If you are working with portraits or images that have a shallow depth of field, this new feature can be a big time saver.

Learn how this new feature works by watching this short video:

5. Improvements to Content-Aware technology

The new and improved Content-Aware technology allows users to fill, move, and patch smoothly blended areas containing gradients. Removing spots, blemishes, or objects to create realistic results has never been easier.

Want to see examples of how the tool works? Check out this tutorial: How to remove objects and fix flaws in photos

Learn how to remove distracting elements with the enhanced Content-Aware tool by watching this video:


6. Smarter Smart Guides

It can be very difficult to align multiple objects or shapes at exact distances from one another in past Photoshop versions. The new Smart Guides are smarter than ever! Quickly see the distance in pixels between objects  or shapes so that you can lay out perfection on your canvas.  

Want to align and space objects in Photoshop CC? Check out this tutorial: How to align and space objects as you draw in Photoshop

Learn how to align and distribute layers using Smart Guides by watching this video:


7. Desktop fonts from Typekit

Get instant access to your fonts through the Typekit library. You can now sync your fonts from your desktop and get instant access to them in your Photoshop font menu. Got missing fonts in some of your documents? Photoshop will automatically replace missing fonts in your documents for you.

Learn the new features and enhancements made to the type tools including Font Search, Instant Font previews and seamless integration with Typekit by watching this video:

8. Font Search

Finding the perfect font can be a real pain, especially if you can’t see a preview of it. Font Search allows you to easily search for fonts by name and see instant previews of how each font looks so you can pick the perfect one.

9. Expanded 3D printing capabilities

Ready to turn your designs on a canvas into real world objects? Use the expanded 3D printing capabilities to design, color, and add texture to 3D designs.

Learn how the exciting and powerful 3D printing capabilities work in Photoshop CC by watching this video: 

10. Adobe Generator enhancements

This new enhancement is a big time saver and allows you to create image assets in real time as you work, eliminating the frustrating steps of copying, slicing and exporting each layer manually. Generator also offers the ability for developers to create epic plug-ins with the new APIs.

Want to know how to create web graphics automatically using a new workflow for web design? Check out this tutorial: How to create and generate web graphics with Adobe Generator

Learn the uses of the enhanced Adobe Generator by watching this video:


11. Adobe Camera Raw 8 enhancements

Use this enhancement to easily heal images, create vignettes, and fix perspective distortions with greater accuracy. You also have the ability to  access before & after previews, and interactive histogram, and much more.

Learn the enhancements Adobe has made to Camera Raw by watching this video:


 12. Improved Windows 8.1 stylus support

Do you enjoy working with a stylus? Adobe has made working with a stylus quicker and more comfortable on Windows 8.1 devices. Due to the enhancement in higher frequency sampling, you can now enjoy smoother brush strokes every time you use your stylus.

13. Expanded Mercury Graphics Engine support

Depending on the file size and video card configuration, the expanded Mercury Graphics Engine allows you to upsample images up to 15 times faster then previous versions. The engine also powers new Blur Gallery motions effects and a Focus Mask feature as well.

14. Experimental features

Find out what Adobe is implementing in the next Photoshop! This new preference setting allows you to beta test new Photoshop features before they are released.

15. Intelligent upsampling, even faster

Want to enlarge a low resolution image so it looks perfect in print? Want to start off with a larger image and blow it up for a poster or billboard? Unsampling allows you to preserve the original detail and sharpness of an image without adding noise or distorting it.

Learn how to use the updated image resizing dialog box in Photoshop CC by watching this video:


16. Workflow Enhancements

The new workflow enhancements should definitely cut down time in the production of your designs. You now have access to the most recently used brushed, an expanded Color Panel, keyboard shortcuts, sync your workspaces, and customize your menu with Sync Settings.

Compare the Last 5 Versions of Photoshop

Check out how Adobe has drastically improved Photoshop over the past 5 versions with this chart from Jigsaw24 that showcases the features and enhancements of each version. Maybe it’s time for an update?

photoshop features


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