Twitter’s new feature allows advertisers to target users based on keyword targeting within a user’s timeline or tweets they’ve engaged with.

According to Twitter

Tweets are signals of what’s top of mind for people in real time, including their intentions, needs and wants. Today we are introducing keyword targeting in timeline, which allows you to detect and act upon those signals to drive business results.

Here’s how it works. You can reach users at the right time and in the right context based on keywords in their Tweets and the Tweets they’ve recently engaged with. Simply specify the keywords you want to target and then add on targeting for location, device and gender.

twitter ads keyword targeting

For example:

  • Travel brands can target newlyweds tweeting about their prospective honeymoon plans.
  • Retailers can place discounts in front of fashionistas who engage with Tweets showing the latest designer jeans.
  • Bakeries can reach the hungry guy or gal who just tweeted about their afternoon snack craving.

We’re excited to start using this new feature for our clients, given that previous tests with the Twitter Ads platform have shown promising results.

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