The new “improvement” Google has just announced, is going to shock and awe those in the AdWords/PPC world. Starting October 15, 2014, your second line of ad text may or may not be replaced with your ad extension on mobile search ads.
Google replaces it's second line with Ad Extensions

Google’s title “Making Every Character Count on Your Mobile Search Ads” for this announcement identifies the true motivation towards this new update. Google believes that their new Callout Ad Extensions instead of the second line of text is of higher importance, and will allow consumers easier access to your business information and greater ad performance because it will:

  • Highlight featured products and services
  • Utilize local information with Local extensions
  • Direct customers to the relevant pages with sitelinks

Callout Ad Extension

Callout Ad Extensions Image: Google

However, What Do Our Experts Have to Say…

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Senior Account Manager – Powered by Search

“The first thing that came to mind about this news is the time commitment. Ultimately, this news would become a priority, but will shift our clients current requests back. Along with this, with the update in just over a month, this information needs urgency to anyone conducting ads across platforms!

Especially for agencies, every current client account can have up to 5-40 campaigns with a dozen adgroups in each, and 4 – 8 ads for each adgroup.

Each set of ads will need to be audited to make sure that the first line description is clear and strong.

Losing the second line description in mobile ads may work better. Since Google Adwords has the data and they want to make more money from ads, if they think the missing real estate is better served with more extension options, then we should trust that these extensions will get clicked.

The second challenge is that at we usually split test blocks of ads – testing desktop ads against desktop and some in comparison with mobile. Now we’ll have double the amount of tests since the mobile ads will be completely different with that second line description missing.”

Ken Fobert - Powered by SearchKen Fobert

Enterprise Marketing Manager – Powered by Search

“I think this can be beneficial to advertisers but they have to tailor their ads in a specific way to make it beneficial.

For example, as Google says, making sure your most important information is in the first line of ad text. In contrast, I really don’t like the example they used because it cuts off the second line of ad text, which illustrates a worst case scenario.

Also, Google say’s this update will be automatic for advertisers, but I think to see real benefits, we need to update mobile ads to make sure that our first line of ad text is a complete sentence and ends with a punctuation symbol.

At least that way, consumers see a complete marketing message rather than the second line getting cutoff.”

What This Means For You?…and Actions to Take.

If you have any mobile search ads, this update will affect you. Even if you know your ad is only one line, the replacement of the second line enforces the need for you to enable all relevant Ad Extensions. And if you do have a second line, then it’s time to make some updates now.

Your Action List:

  • Check whether your mobile search ad consists of two lines of ad copy;
  • Write a one line ad using your best copy skills;
  • Enable relevant Ad Extensions to take advantage of the space;
  • Pass this information onto your agency.

Agency Action List:

  • Don’t pull your hair out too much with the tight timeframe and amount of work that needs to be done.

In Conclusion…

Google always creates these updates to which we have to deal with and move on. Ultimately, they believe that replacing the second line of text for their ad extensions will bring in more qualified leads to your website. And if the past is any sign of the future, Google has the data and knowledge to back this claim.

However, this update will require a lot of time and attention to ensure your mobile ads are optimal for this update. Remember, this will roll out on October 15!

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