It’s been a beautiful week and what better way to start wrapping it up than with another Inbound Marketing Mashup? We’ve got the latest on the wonderful world of blogging, so keep on reading.

13 Beautiful and Responsive WordPress Themes by Amanda DiSilvestro

computer With the increasing number of WordPress users, its not surprising that themes are constantly getting more advanced and creative. Check out this list of 20 favourites from Amanda DiSilvestro at SEJ, featuring beautifully designed and responsive themes that are sure to please everyone’s taste. 

“Appearance is just one factor in developing a blog that entices readers to return over and over again – after all, the display often up sells your content. Typology, image display, and color schemes are all a part of this, and there are some amazing WordPress themes you can use to spice up your blogs look.”

How to Get Your Blog Posts Read by Neil Patel

When creating a blog post you should stuff it with tons of images, right? Wrong! That along with 5 other lessons are essential to how your next blog post won’t just be another blog post. According to Neil Patel, writing great content isn’t the only thing you should be concerned about when trying to create blog that actually get read. 

“Writing great content won’t guarantee that your content will be read. I thought I wrote good content, but only 40% of you actually read the full post. But once I leveraged the tactics above, I was able to increase that number to 65%.”

How to Write Headlines that Convert (PLUS 8.5 Can’t Miss Templates) by Scott Martin

magazineWhy do your post headlines even matter? Well if you read this headline, you’ll figure out that it can help with your conversions. As Scott Martin had put it in his post, headlines are “the advertisement for your advertisement” – they help you attract the customers that will hopefully convert. However all is easier said than done, luckily for you Martin has a thing or two to help.

“The perfect headline is a moving target. You may enjoy some success with a headline then discover it becomes less effective over time. A news headline needs to be timely. Competitors may imitate your headline, forcing you to try another version.”

How To Speak To A Blogger by Jodie Harris
string and can

Speaking blogger is more than just a quick dump of mass email outreach.  It’s a delicate process that can easily go horrible if not done correctly. And believe us, it’s nothing like writing an actual blog. So how do you speak the language? Allow Jodie Harris to fill you in.

“I have worked with bloggers for most of my PR career, and I know there are certain bugbears that bloggers are instantly put off by. I reached out to a few blogger friends on Twitter, asking them what they would recommend to a PR who is dabbling with blogger outreach. These fantastic bloggers (ok, a little bit of flattering might work) came back with these gems…”

Bonus infographic: “12 Things to Do Once Your Blog Post is Done

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