Comment Spamming SEO’s is Just Plain Stupid

I think we can all agree that Online Reputation Management is important, both for big brands and for up and coming companies. While sifting through my spam comments (I check to see if there’s any legit ones caught by Askimet), I found this archaic comment spam from not, one but two different IP’s leading to the same destination url – in this case widecircles.com (you don’t deserve a link, but this post will rank for your name!).

Wide Circles is a ‘Social Media Marketing’ platform as per their website, but they clearly arent’ paying much attention to their link building efforts. Commenting on blogs is still enough to rank in some low competition niches, but the ease of commenting should be accompanied by some prior prudence. Something along the lines of:

  1. Don’t comment where you can be called out for being overly promotional or spammy
  2. Don’t be stupid enough to look for links on a competitors blog, or dropping your own links in.
  3. Don’t be daft enough to think that spamming SEO’s of all people wont get you into ORM issues.
  4. Make your comment relevant to the blog post you’re commenting on (Duh!…)


For all I know they may offer a great platform, but if they are outsourcing their SEO then they should probably work with a provider that knows what they are doing.


There are many times I’ve thought about putting together massive SEO programs that follow a checklist of tasks and handing it over to an offshore outsourcing agency. Stuff like the above is exactly what tells me not to take that decision every single day I think about scaling SEO in volume. It’s about time that folks who still think that the template : ‘hi, nice post, very informative’ <drop link> need to think twice before spamming. In the end, it’s not the (so called) SEO that suffers the most – it’s the client.

Wide Circles, if you’re outsourcing, take my $0.02 and fire your SEO provider or agency.

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