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Buffer Getting Scheduling, HootSuite Out of Luck?

If you haven’t heard of either Buffer or HootSuite, you’re missing out on excellent tools to shave time off of your social media strategy. HootSuite is a social media dashboard and scheduling tool with reporting capabilities. It comes with plugins for popular browsers that let you add social media shares to a schedule or a queue.

Buffer, on the other hand, is a very well-designed tool that lets you add social shares to a queue. For example, this morning I heard that Rand Fishkin and Wil Reynolds are insane, but also wanted to rant about outreach problems and share one of our guest posts. I added them all to Buffer and let it spread them out a bit for me so that I wasn’t spamming anyone.

Unfortunately Buffer doesn’t let you schedule future social shares (search for “Distant Future Tweets”). Given the quality of the dashboard at HootSuite (I don’t like it, but I WOULD like it if they switched to a TweetDeck style of clearing columns once they’re read and giving better organizational choices), the scheduling feature is the only thing that keeps the HootSuite plugin in my browser.

But guess what? Buffer is awesome.

Screenshot 1 Buffer Getting Scheduling, HootSuite Out of Luck?

Check it out here and help with naming it!

It looks like they’re coming out with a scheduling feature, which they’re going to name Buffer Encore because I want them to, and hopefully this will be coming out reasonably soon. I’m reaching out to Buffer to see if they can give an exact timeline on when I can exclusively use them as my social sharing app.

On a side-note, they’ve also said that they’re working on integrating Google+ Pages. This is great for my clients but I’d love Google+ for personal profiles. Unfortunately that’s in Google’s hands since they’ve yet to release an API for this.

Screenshot 2 Buffer Getting Scheduling, HootSuite Out of Luck?

If you’re still wondering about how to use these tools, read through Andy’s post on content promotion or check out my point-by-point content promotion strategy.

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  • Calculated Traveller

    Just discovered Buffer and I’m loving it so far but YES I totally agree – I wish you could buffer to Google+ personal profiles as well.