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The Ultimate Experts Guide to SEO for Your Multi-Location Business

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Are you looking to achieve high rankings through SEO for your multi-location business?  This article will provide you with an ultimate checklist to help you to determine if you are on-point with your Local SEO. This will ensure that your business is the highest top ranking business in Google’s index. The goal of SEO for […]

What You Need To Know About Hangouts In Less Than 4 Mins

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If you still think instant messaging is some sort of teenage fad, you’re probably a dinosaur! But that’s OK, even dinosaurs can learn. Google Hangouts can be used for so much more than silly emotions and small talk, and here’s how:   Thanks for watching! If you want some help with your digital marketing efforts, […]

Getting Started with Online Reputation Management

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This blog post contains edited excerpts from our free whitepaper: The Marketer’s Guide to Online Reputation Management . Get the full guide for even more details on how to successfully implement an online reputation management strategy for your business. A reputation is a fragile thing. While it can take years to build up a positive reputation for your […]

The Best Productivity Tools For Digital Marketers

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As marketers we know how important it is to stay on track with our seemingly endless deadlines; how frustrating it is to overcome creative blocks; and in the agency world, how stressful it is to balance multiple clients. It goes without saying that we need a little help sometimes. Unfortunately a pen, a piece of paper, […]

How to Run a Successful Video Conference: Featuring Google Hangout and GoToWebinar

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Hello? Can you hear me? I can’t hear you! Hello… Hello? I can see your mouth moving … no audio…I’m having some technical moment…is this better?.. hello?…hello? Does this sound remotely familiar? I am willing to bet that everyone has encountered this highly irritating occurrence at some point in their professional careers. Regardless, if […]

Powered by Search Celebrates Success as it Turns Three (Media Release)

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TORONTO, October 4, 2012  – Young and experienced is usually an oxymoron, but this is not the case for the internet marketing specialists at Powered by Search, an agency that’s turning three tomorrow. “We are thrilled that major corporations such as Public Storage, Delta Hotels, and Primus Telecommunications have come to rely on the company’s expertise,” […]