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3 of the most current link-building practices you need to know for 2014

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Link-building is challenging. Methods you use could easily be penalized by being defined as an “unnatural” link in the next Google update. And having your website disappear from search results might make you think that link-building is not worth the bang for your buck. However, link-building is still one of the most important factors that [...]

Guide to Google Analytics: Video Tutorial

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The latest addition to the Powered by Search YouTube channel is a video explaining Google Analytics for the year 2014. New additions have been explained and old ones have been touched as well. Humans are visual characters, for this reason we created a video tutorial explaining everything you need to know about navigating through your [...]

What Google’s Hummingbird Means for Local SEO

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Say Goodbye to Pandas and Penguins, Wave Hello to Google’s New Hummingbird! During Google’s 15th birthday party on September 27 they announced “Hummingbird”, the most significant algorithm update they’ve made in years. Google decided to name it hummingbird because of its fast and precise ability to return better search results. “Hummingbird is not a change to parts [...]

How to Write a Google Reconsideration Request that Gets Accepted [Example]

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Recently we’ve been approached by prospects who haven’t had much success with getting their first Google Reconsideration request being accepted, including one brand who had 5 consecutive requests being turned down with the following Google Webmaster Tools message: Dear site owner or webmaster of, We received a request from a site owner to reconsider [...]