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Local SEO Goes International

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When you hear the term “Local SEO” you probably think of a small local business in your geographic area. You can find tips and tricks all over the web on how to transform your small to medium sized businesses local ranking. The question is “How do enterprises conduct local SEO on an international scale?” Franchises [...]

Regional Directories More Effective with Hummingbird

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Hummingbird. So much has been written, discussed, tested and exhaustively debated around the new algorithm and its effect on SEO. Admittedly it did affect things and will continue to do so, but it’s not all gloom and doom. With it came some very real opportunities within the local space. Disclaimer: This is not another dissection [...]

Pinterest Launches ‘Place Pins’ – A Local SEO Secret

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Over 3 years ago the third most popular social network in the world was created. Pinterest has become the ultimate hub for people to post theme-based images of recipes, fashion, crafts, and so much more. For local businesses in particular, Pinterest is the perfect place to connect with over 85 million unique visitors each month. [...]