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20 Awesome Nonprofit Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Ongoing learning and professional development is critical for nonprofit marketers. You are expected to be knowledgeable in everything from strategy, data and digital media, to copywriting, branding and market research. Fortunately, the number of quality nonprofit marketing blogs is large and growing, offering you a constant stream of free continuing education. Freshen up your email [...]

21 Tools To Help Distribute Your Content

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When it comes to content marketing, distributing said content is a pretty obvious part of the equation. It’s not enough to just create (and curate) stellar content, you’ve got to get it out there! Because there’s nothing sadder than a lovely blog post sitting all by its lonesome with no one to read it. Ok [...]

5 Steps to Easy Email

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5 Steps to Easy Email I hate email. I find it’s an awful waste of time. This is what I learned about email efficiency over the years. I can’t remember who taught me everything, but I’m certain that Aaron from Asian Efficiency taught me quite a bit when we sat down in London to go [...]

Content Marketing Meets Public Relations

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With the year quickly winding down, many experts are chiming in on their predictions for the upcoming year. Marketing Mag is no exception. They recently published an article featuring prominent Public Relations (PR) agencies with their 2014 predictions. The over-arching theme of post was the importance of content marketing. While I can’t say this is [...]

#InboundTO Meetup Recap: Cross-Channel Marketing Like a Boss

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Last Thursday’s Inbound Marketing Toronto meetup featured presentations from myself and Samuel Iannucci, Creative Director at Brand Surgeons. Sponsored by Powered by Search and hosted by BNOTIONS, the event was highly engaging and received much positive feedback from the 35 marketing professionals in attendance. Interesting content and nice contrast of presentations tonight at #InboundTO: Cross Channel Marketing Like [...]

The 7 Marketing Metrics That Matter

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The number of social media followers, the number of press release impressions, or the number of site visitors are useful and important diagnostic tools for your marketing team and can help you plan your marketing strategy more effectively, but your CEO and CFO don’t care to hear about them. They need something more concrete and [...]