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Keyword Research: The Basics (Infographic)

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What’s the Best Way To Keyword Research? What is the “correct” way to do keyword research and how do you do it? You’ve searched online and found guides, steps, how-to’s, manifestos, whatever might have you, but they all suggest different things. If you’re anything like me, searching probably left you more confused than when you [...]

Beginners Guide to Majestic SEO (Video Tutorial)

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Majestic SEO is an excellent tool for link builders for performing a backlink analysis of competitors sites. It gives a lot of useful data and can be look at as a whole suite of tools. Below is a beginners Majestic SEO tutorial that gives details on which information the tool provides and how to interpret [...]

Daily Inbound Marketing Mashup: Video SEO (06/10/14)

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Welcome to our Tuesday Mashup! Videos, similar to your websites, can just as easily get lost in the world of the Internet.  Today we’ve gathered some of the surefire ways to make your videos fully search engine optimized. YouTube SEO: The Ultimate Guide by Brian Dean YouTube, being the second largest search engine, is an untapped traffic [...]