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InboundTO 30 Recap: The ABCs of Facebook Adverstising

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  On Thurs. Sept. 17th we hosted our 30th InboundTo meetup, which had two fantastic presentations by Matthew Hunt and Melissa Feeney on different aspects of Facebook Advertising. Their presentation slide decks and contact info are below. The energy and engagement from the packed room of attendees was wonderful! Looking forward to our next InboundTO on […]

Will Facebook Killing Like-Gating Affect You?

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You are now officially forewarned that all your like-gating strategies for your Facebook marketing will cease to exist on November 5th. Facebook is saying that they want more genuine relationships between businesses and fans, but is this new update purely to force small businesses into their advertising strategy? What is Like-gating? Like-gating is when you force […]

How To Make Your Facebook Photos Rise Above the Noise

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Facebook banner magnified

If you’re using Facebook for your product, service, or organization: congratulations, you’ve found a great way to get your message to a targeted audience. Unfortunately, your content is also competing with Facebook posts from friends, pages, apps, notifications, etc. What happens if the content you’re putting out on Facebook is just getting drowned out by […]

7 Must Have Social Media Tools For Small Businesses

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Have you been dreading the inevitable dive into social media management? Scared of tackling the multi-headed social hydra that lurks beyond your computer screen? That’s why social media tools exist! They will be your sword and shield when you are ready to start your quest to manage your social profiles. There are always new tools […]