We were looking to turn VisaPlace’s blog into a powerful lead generation asset by optimizing it for increased conversion rates and creating engaging content. VisaPlace offers immigration lawyer services, which is a notoriously difficult industry for most marketers.

VisaPlace’s blog was receiving over 70% of the site’s traffic, so it was a no-brainer for us to start there. The blog was splitting visitor attention across 2 CTAs, and we expected that a renewed focus on 1 relevant Call to Action would result in many more conversions. One of the most important CRO “rules” to follow is that you should always look to make low effort site-wide changes that can have an immediate and massive impact.

We aimed to test a clearer conversion path because a confused mind doesn’t buy.


There was no need to spend massive resources and completely redesign the blog. The problem we faced was a lack of conversion, there were no immediate issues with traffic and general usability.

Our designers, developers, and copywriters rapidly collaborated on creating an attention-grabbing Call to Action. It focused on providing users a relevant and enticing offer. As a result, we were able to raise conversions by 25%.

This increase has already created 184 new leads from the same amount of traffic. At a 5% close rate, this single change has the potential to drive at least $264,000 in extra revenue. Naturally, we’re running deeper tests to further enhance this number.

We also saw an opportunity to leverage the backlash surrounding Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Many Americans humorously threatened to immigrate to Canada if Trump becomes president. and this notion was reflected by 350% increase in the Google search for “how can I move to Canada” on Super Tuesday.

In just one week, we were able to create a popular post called “If Trump Wins I’m Moving to Canada” – Here’s How To Do It. This included all of the writing, editing, graphic design, and client approval. It was a perfect way of introducing new users to the VisaPlace site, and to create new customers. It had to be published quickly in order to capitalize on search intent, and our content and design teams masterfully coordinated to help VisaPlace generate 50 new leads, 2400 new site users, and over 700 social media shares. 


  • Increased conversion rate by 25% across the blog.
  • Increased assessment form submissions by 34% across the blog.
  • Generated 184 new leads from the same traffic as before.
  • This one test is projected to generate at least 2208 new leads in one year with a minimum of $264,000 in revenue.
  • A single blog post generated 50 new leads, 2400 new site users, and 800+ social media shares.

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