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Offer the Digital Marketing Strategy Your Client Deserves

Do you often get approached by your clients with questions about improving their online visibility, search engine rankings, or getting better ROI from their pay-per-click programs? In servicing your clients, you may be looking for a digital marketing partner to support your client goals and objectives. In short, you’re looking to work with the experts and in the process, help your clients make the choice that is right for them.

When you are approved as a Powered by Search digital marketing reseller, you will have access to our comprehensive range of digital marketing services ranging from Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, to SEO-Friendly Web Design and niche services such as Online Reputation Management and Conversion Rate Optimization. As an approved reseller, you will also be able to create a profitable source of added recurring revenue to your bottom line, through our tiered commission program that pays out on time, every time.


Why Choose Powered by Search as your Digital Marketing and SEO Reseller?

  • Powered by Search is recognized in the search marketing industry as a leading provider of internet marketing, search engine optimization, and local search optimization services.
  • Since 2009, we have been consistently delivering double and triple-digit growth and ROI to our clients. Average ROI on our online marketing programs ranges from 2x to 50x.
  • We have been quoted, interviewed, published in multiple SEO and internet marketing publications since 2009.
  • Powered by Search attends and speaks at industry conferences such as Search Engine Strategies and Search Marketing Expo.
  • Powered by Search solely specializes in online marketing – We read, learn, and publish information on the latest web marketing strategies, and always practice tried, tested, and safe tactics for our client campaigns.
  • We have a high client retention rate, happy customer testimonials, and experience with working with Fortune 1000 brands and Small Businesses alike.
  • Our CEO/Founder, Dev Basu is a leading voice in the Digital Marketing Industry, and has worked with large brands including RE/MAX, FedEx USA, Whirlpool, Public Storage, and InterContinental Hotels Group.


Your Reseller Program Benefits Include

  • High recurring commission structure that is tiered to increase with volume of clients referred.
  • Net payouts in 15 days for monthly agreements, and immediate payouts upon contract closings.
  • Dedicated Powered by Search representative to discuss your client’s needs including scheduling of meetings, and creation of proposals and pitches.
  • You have the choice to have us take over client management and reporting after the point of initial contact, or you can choose to keep on-board as an extension of your brand, representing you. The opportunity for passive income exists in both arrangements.

We do NOT compete with you or your services. Powered by Search appreciates your referrals and will not pitch additional services that overlap with your own, such as web design, development, business consulting, or otherwise. Our focus is on building long term business partnerships and part of our guiding principles are always adhering to ethical business practices.


Who Should Resell our Digital Marketing Services?

  • Web Design Agencies
  • Business Consulting Firms
  • Ad Agencies and Public Relations Firms
  • Yellow Pages and Traditional Media Consultants and Agencies
  • Internet Marketing Consultants looking to expand their business.
  • Franchise based businesses aiming to provide packaged online marketing programs to their franchisees.


How To Apply?

  • Call us toll free from anywhere in North America at 1-866-611-5535
  • Locally and Long Distance at (416) 840-9044
  • Email us at


Types of Reseller Programs Available

  • Direct Referral – You refer a client to us as a warm lead and we will contact the client, pitch to them, and work with them directly.
  • Strategic Partner – Powered by Search works with you as an extension of your team to help you upsell our services to your client. You maintain the client relationship.


Direct Referral Reseller Program

As a Direct Referral Reseller, you will pre-sell Powered by Search’s internet marketing services to your clients, thereby sending us a warm lead.  In this case, you will actively evangelize Powered by Search’s services and client results, including providing your client with pre-supplied case studies, testimonials, and marketing material.

We pay out a base of 10% commission on direct referral packages for the initial contract or agreement. Commissions range up in percentage of fees paid out on a recurring basis if the client signs an annual agreement, and also ranges up based on the value per agreement and the volume of clients referred. Please contact us us for further details.


The Client Contact and Management Process

The process below is a general outline associated with managing Direct Referral accounts.

Introduction & Pitch

  • Your office or its representatives contact and consult with the potential client or prospect, or the prospect contacts you with specific internet marketing service requests.
  • You introduce Powered by Search as a preferred internet marketing partner and pass on all relevant contact information and marketing material to the prospect.
  • The client contacts Powered by Search with a description of their needs and as their Request for Proposal (RFP).
  • Powered by Search responds to the client request for proposal within 24 hours via phone or email, and follows up with a formal internet marketing proposal in 72 hours from the point of initial contact.

Closing and Initial Setup

  • The client accepts the proposal and signs an agreement for a one-time deliverable or a continued deliverable spanning a number of months.
  • Powered by Search requires the initial invoice to be paid in advance of service, upon which client work as outlined in the proposal begins.
  • Your company is paid out immediately once we receive the initial funds and after the client has signed off on the agreement.

Reporting and Client Management

  • The client now has a direct relationship with Powered by Search. Should the client wish to have your company involved in specific communications, Powered by Search will be pleased to work in tandem with you.

Direct Referral Commission Details

  • A commission is paid out when funds are received from the client. Since we require initial payment prior to commencement of services, a Direct Referral reseller can expect a 10% (or more) payment of the initial deposit upon the client signing the agreement and sending the funds through.
  • Commissions are payable for the 1st year of service unless otherwise negotiated and formally agreed upon.

Note: If you represent an Advertising Agency or Yellow Pages Certified Marketing Representative, we may have special incentives for you depending on your ability to co-pitch accounts in volume.


Strategic Partner Reseller Program

Powered by Search can work as a virtual extension of your team in providing value added services to your clients. We understand it takes time to gain your client’s trust and that they prefer dealing with one point of contact for most of their marketing activities and programs. In this scenario, you may want your company to handle the client relationship, and sub-contract SEO and internet marketing services to Powered by Search.

The process below is a general outline for Strategic Partner resellers:

Introduction & Request for Proposal

  • Your company contacts Powered by Search with a Request for Proposal for a client in need of online marketing services.
  • Powered by Search evaluates the project and client website, and prepares a formal proposal within 72 hours. If we need further clarification, we may call you to discuss budgets, options, goals, and client objectives.
  • You review our formal proposal and present the strategy, deliverables, timelines, and reporting KPI’s within the proposals to your client.
  • Should the client need additional amendments or revisions, your company contacts Powered by Search and we promptly return a revised proposal within 24 hours.

Closing and Initial Setup

  • Your client accepts the proposal and engages in a relationship between your company and their company.
  • Your company accepts the sub-contracting proposal and signs an agreement between Powered by Search and your company.
  • Powered by Search requires a deposit in advance of project commencement, and will invoice your company as you are now our client.

Reporting and Client Management

  • You will receive white-labeled monthly reporting which you can easily add your branding to, and then forward to the client. Our reporting is easy to understand, has actionable insights, and we will help your account managers understand and recommend solutions to your clients.

Billing and Invoicing

  • Your company has the opportunity to upsell our internet marketing services, and add margins as you see appropriate.
  • Powered by Search will invoice your company directly based on the billing duration, net payment terms, and agreement terms and conditions.
  • Should your client be late with their payments, or choose to not pay, we will expect full payment within the net payment terms.

Strategic Partner Referral Commission Details

  • In a white-labeled agreement, commissions are only payable for clients that are referred in high volume or are high-value contracts. It is expected that due to the value-added nature of the service, that your company will add appropriate margins in upselling Powered by Search’s services.

Note: If you represent an Advertising Agency or Yellow Pages Certified Marketing Representative, we may have special incentives for you depending on your ability to co-pitch accounts in volume.

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