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Inbound Marketing Weekly Recap 03/03/14

There’s always something new in the world of inbound marketing. Staying on top of every bit of news can be challenging, but never fear, Powered by Search is here to help. Below are the coolest and most interesting inbound marketing related links from the last week.

3 Steps to Identify Blog Topics that are Relevant to Your Audience by MOZ.

Flappy Cutts: Help Matt Cutts Navigate Through the Web Spam in this Flappy Bird Style Game by Ryan Jones.

Twitter restores $50, 000 @N username to its owner by Ars Technica.

Using URL Shorteners, 301 and 302 Redirects to Spam Google by RefuGeeks.

The Future of PageRank: 13 Experts on the Dwindling Value of the Link by WordStream.

3 Companies That Saved Themselves From Public Relations Disasters by Customer Service Guru.

Also, Matt Cutts got burned.

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