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The Big List Of Guides For PPC Advertising

PPC HeaderThis list originally started as just a few bookmarks on some awesome posts that I’ve found while stumbling around on Google.

Having just been introduced to paid search a few months ago, I would constantly be combing the internet on how-to’s and guides on ppc. I wanted to immerse myself on the topic, and luckily for me there was plenty of resources available. There is an incredible amount of information out there written by some very smart people. I’ve merely compiled it all into an easy to use list.

If you feel that an article or guide deserves to be on here or that I should expand upon one of my sections, please let me know either in the comments or through twitter.


Getting Started


The Beginner’s Guide To Google Adword by Alex Fredheim
A Simple Guide For Setting Up Your First Google Adwords Campaign by Amanda Sibley
The Adstage Guide To Bing Ads by Sam Mazaheri
The Beginners Guide To Online Marketing: (Chapter 7 specifically) by Neil Patel and Ritika Puri
Offical Bing Ads Training
Official Google Adwords Training

Social Platforms

Deep Dive Facebook Advertising by Fred Perrotta
A 30 Min Crash Course In Facebook Advertising by CueBlocks
The Adstage Guide To LinkedIn Ads by Sam Mazaheri
Your Simple Guide To Launching A Twitter Advertising Campaign by Amanda Sibley

In-Depth Guides


Negative Keywords

Controlling PPC Costs with Negative Keywords: An Expert’s Guide by WordStream
A Guide To Negative Keywords by Bailey Lau
How to Use Negative Keywords to Cut Wasteful AdWords Spending by Marketade

Split Testing

How To Split Test Ads In Google Adwords by Brian Dean
26 Ideas For Split Testing PPC Ads by Avalaunch Media
Beginners Guide To A/B Testing by Cameron Champman

Bidding Strategy

Bid Management From Basic To Advanced by Amanda Westbook
How To Implement A Tiered PPC Bidding Strategy by Justin Freid
3 Crucial Ways To Look At Day Parting Data by Carrie Albright
A Guide to Google Adwords Bid Adjustments by Lisa Raehsler

Quality Score

Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords Quality Score by PPCHero
How Do I Improve My PPC Quality Score by Stefanie Grieser
Quality Score Explained By A Former Googler by Frederick Vallaeys

Keyword Research

Mastering PPC: Building Keyword Lists by SeerInteractive
How To Research Keyword Tips by Andy Crestodina
PPC Keyword Research Guide by Erin Bell

Ad Copy

The Great Big Glossary of Ad Copy Wisdom by Katie Walton
Ad Copy Must-Haves That Make Or Break A PPC Campaign by Dan Slagen
PPC Ad Copy Most Important Elements by Melissa Mackey

Best Practices

23 Pay Per Click Lessons From Marketing Masterminds by Ritika Puri
145 PPC Must Dos For 2012 by PPC Hero
The Complete Adwords Audit Part 1 by Wijnand Meijer
How To Audit Your Facebook Advertising Account by Shaad Hamid
How To Easily Manage And Test Millions Of Ads by Brad Geddes

Interviews With Experts

Interview With Joanna Lord For PPC Beginners
Interview With Larry Kim of Wordstream
Interview With Brad Geddes
Interview With Jeff Ferguson CEO of Fang Digital
Interview With Perry Marshall

Tools And Resources


Adwords Editor
Keyword Planner
Bing Ads Intelligence

Competitor Research Tools


Bid Management Software


Other Tools

Split Test Calculator
Uber Suggest

Blogs To Follow

PPC Hero
Word Stream
Beyond The Pay
Search Engine Watch
PPC Chat
Certified Knowledge
Search Engine Land

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  • Spook SEO

    I cannot help but be amazed with the way you compiled all these
    information together. They are weaved in the perfect way there is. There could
    be nothing more as detailed as this one. All the things that you might need are
    already listed in here.

  • ronmartin05

    Probably the biggest mistake people make when doing their own PPC advertising is choosing the wrong keywords just because they want to get traffic. A couple of things to know are 1) General keywords get lots of searches and traffic but are less qualified and less likely to buy. When you’re paying for visitors, you want results, not just traffic. 2) The keywords that are being bid on must be extremely relevant to the product/services you are offering. If it was a retail store, would you want to pay for male motor bikers to walk into Victoria’s secret? Nothing against bikers, it’s just not the target market – and that’s what happens when you bid on general, broad keywords. You get lots of untargeted visitors so your ROI doesn’t work. If anybody wants help with this, call my buddy Simon here: 256-398-3835.