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In order to continue to produce for our clients, we stay on top of best practices, emerging trends, peer reporting and change in the scient of the industry so that we can humbly and nimbly respond to the realities we encounter.

Search engines are in a state of constant change: in 2010 alone, Google made 516 updates to their search algorithm. Even more astonishing: they tested over 13,000 changes! In this report, we cover the current state of search in 2012 after a tumultuous year of Google search algorithm changes.

From November 2011, when Google began to officially publish the number of changes made to the search algorithm every month, to April 2012, Google made 209 changes to the search algorithm.

The State of Search Report for 2012 is using a combination of anecdotal evidence as well as data from research done by various entities involved in the search world to illustrate the impact of these changes.