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There are many reasons people use to justify embarking on a redesign for their company website. However, more often than not these reasons are superfluous and poorly executed, causing more harm than good. In the digital age your website is a critical marketing tool, and therefore is not something to toy with. Deciding to do a redesign should be done for the right reasons, and these reasons should ultimately benefit your business.

It is important to understand that a redesign is not primarily about an aesthetic change. While such adjustments will most likely accompany your redesign, the foremost reasons should surround specific business goals. These goals, which will be outlined later on in this whitepaper, should focus directly on your site visitors and how you would like to affect their behaviour while on your site.

Ultimately, the overarching motivation for a site redesign should be to improve performance. While an aesthetically pleasing site is all well and good, it won’t be of much help if it isn’t producing the results that your business needs. A website is equally about functionality as it is about looks.

This checklist will help you determine 1) if a redesign is right for your business, and 2) how to go about putting your redesign plans into action.