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Social media started out as a medium for personal communication and sharing. Since then, businesses have realized the marketing potential of social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. With Facebook and Twitter, businesses can now connect with their audience on a more personal level. They are able to engage, share, build loyalty and attract new customers with their social media presence. For awhile, social media was just a bonus in a marketer’s strategy. Now, Facebook and Twitter have become essential tools in the age of digital marketing, and many marketers have learned to master it to their advantage.

Mastering Facebook and Twitter, however, is not enough. Social networking sites have continually been emerging but many marketers neglect and reject the opportunities to better connect with their audience. One network that many marketers seem to be neglecting is Google +. And they are very wrong to do so. You might be asking yourself- why should I maintain a Google+ profile when my existing social media profiles do essentially the same thing?

As a SEO company, we spend half our lives on Google. Our industry is built almost solely on Google. Google+ is Google’s social networking platform- it’s Google’s creation. As SEOs and marketers, understanding and properly using Google+ will bring you many benefits that Google has integrated into their social networking website.