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Search Tips of the Week: How to Hack Content Marketing and Get a Link from The Guardian

This week’s search marketing roundup includes technical hanks for content marketing, an example of how to get a link from The Guardian, 7 tips for finding your competitors’ linkable assets and RCS, a guide to generating rich snippets using Micro Data and Schema.org, as well a video on 6 ways to use fresh links and mentions to improve your marketing efforts.

Technical Hacks for Content Marketing – It seems like you can’t get through a week without hearing about “Content Marketing” or “Content Strategy”. These strategies call for increasingly complicated pieces of content, including “Big Content”, video, data visualization, photography, and robust design. Justin Briggs shares his thoughts on how SEOs can hack content marketing.

Value of technical skills on content

How I Got a Link from The Guardian – James Porter put together 29 key things he has learned over the last 2 years. This includes things that you rarely read in the SEO press and his thoughts on the future of SEO.

What It Takes To Get Remarkable Content Done – Michael King talks about some creative content that SEOs have actually had a hand in and how they made it happen.

7 Tips For Finding Your Competitors’ Linkable Assets and RCS – With traditional competitive analysis we often analyze what types of links our competitors are building. Chad Gingrich highlights seven ways you can look beyond external links and see what pages on a site are pulling in these types of links and what types of content your competitors are releasing.

Micro Data & Schema.org: Guide To Generating Rich Snippets – This guide has been created to provide a quick and easy way of generating different types of rich snippets for your website. Using a combination of Micro Data and Schema.org.

6 Ways to Use Fresh Links & Mentions to Improve Your Marketing Efforts (SEOMoz Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fishkin):

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