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Search Tips of the Week: Growth Hacking, the Google Ranking Signals, and Magento eCommerce

This weekly installment of our Search Tips of the Week is here to highlight the finest, freshly released resources in the world of search. We cover growth hacking through SEO, Google ranking signals, tweeting for business, and how to decrease page load with Magento eCommerce.

SEOs Are Growth Hackers – John Doherty says that “growth hacking has become a buzzterm in the past 6 months. There’s even a growth hacking agency in New York City and startups are starting to hire growth hackers to help them scale up their user base faster. I’ve heard the growth hacker term thrown around a lot, and have experienced both positive and negative reactions to it from people I know. The goal of this post is to define down what a growth hacker is, how this integrates well into online marketing, and then to give a few examples of some growth hacks I’ve either seen or heard about that have helped tech startups grow.”

It’s Not Co-Citation.. but it’s still awesome! (Or what’s really going on in the SERPs?) – Joshua Giardino “couldn’t help but be intrigued by Rand’s recent WBF entitled “Prediction: Anchor Text is Dying…And Will Be Replaced by Co-citation – Whiteboard Friday”. Since Rand was really only scratching the surface of something that is potentially game changing for SEO, I thought I’d look into it a bit more. By the time I got done swimming through a sea of information, I came up with some interesting things I thought you might be interested in.”

Should We Chase The Algorithm? – You might not be surprised to hear that Dr. Peter Meyers, like many others, has “been a little obsessed with the Google algorithm this past year. While many SEOs and business owners share that obsession, others have asked questions like “Why don’t you stop chasing Google and focus on ‘real’ marketing?” It’s an honest question, and I think it’s a fair one. I’d like to try to answer it and to explain why I think understanding the algorithm is an essential part of a well-rounded online marketing campaign going forward into 2013.”

Chase the Google Algorithm

13 Ideas for Interesting, Engaging, and Just Plain Awesome Tweets for Business – Amy Fowler points out that “using Twitter for business can be a lot of fun – but this doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Figuring out what to Tweet can be mind boggling, and it can be easy to fall into the trap of just retweeting what other people are saying. Thankfully, if you think before you Tweet, it doesn’t have to be this way.”

How To Achieve a 2 Second Page Load with a Magento eCommerce Store – Kris Kayyal shares about “how a spy camera store optimized their website. They took Magento, a platform notorious for slow load times, and had every page loading with 2.5 seconds – even those weighed down with heavy images. Let’s see how it was done and the lessons learned along the way.”

Why Do Paid Links Violate Google’s Guidelines While Other Ads Don’t?

After product-market fit and an efficient conversion process, the next critical step is finding scalable, repeatable and sustainable ways to grow the business. If you can’t do this, nothing else really matters. (Sean Ellis) (@SeanEllis)

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