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Search Tips of the Week: 1.4 Million Visitors in 6 Months

This week’s search marketing roundup includes tips on how to build a massive amount of organic traffic, how to increase your conversion rates, an evergreen content list of digital marketing resources, a quick guide to SEO, and a video on why Google Analytics tagging matters.

From 0 to 1.4 Million Visitors in 6 Months: A Lesson in Building Organic Traffic – This post is a look at how Nick Eubanks’ team built a website that nearly broke 100,000 visitors in the first month after launch, and grew to more than 350,000 organic visits per month in only 6 months.

6 Months Traffic Google Analytics

6 Key Components of a Conversion Friendly Website – Are you unsatisfied with the amount of leads or sales that your website is producing? Are you skeptical of spending more money on marketing as the ROI from your website has been abysmal? Chances are you have a website that was not built or designed to produce conversions.

Spying on Your Competitors to Increase Conversion Rates – There are hundreds of ways to increase the conversion rate of a website; A/B testing, customer surveys and usability studies are all hugely important techniques. But what about spying? Have you considered using your competitors and more specifically what their customers think of them to increase the effectiveness of your own website?

An Evergreen Content Forest of Digital Marketing Resources – Most evergreen content isn’t really evergreen, at least not in our technology-related vertical. In dynamic verticals that change on an almost daily basis (search, social, design, ad tech, etc.) it’s difficult for content to stay perpetually useful, unless it is maintained and cared for. Sometimes big changes can make an entire marketing channel obsolete overnight. So for this list Nick Eubanks used his own, slightly modified, definition of evergreen content.

What the heck is SEO and why should I care? Jon Cooper’s brief, well designed guide to show your family and friends.

Why Google Analytics Tagging Matters – SEOMoz Whiteboard Friday presented by Rachael Gerson:

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