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Search Tips of the Week: PPC Advertising

We’re re-launching our Search Tips of the Week series with a look at the latest and most useful resources in the world of PPC.

Is the new Google AdWords offline conversion tracking worth the investment for SMBs? – Brian Rotsztein points out that Google’s new AdWords Conversion Import feature allows SMBs to track cookie sales that didn’t come directly from their website but rather through a phone call or even an in-person visit to their office. He covers the two ways to track online conversions, some technical pitfalls, and the overall benefits.

Adwords Conversion Import

Stop building PPC landing pages and expecting them to rank organically – Tim from SEOWiz advises that if you aren’t willing to invest in content, and producing real digital marketing campaigns, then I suggest putting all your budgets into paid media. If you’re paying for SEO services that are focussed on building links to category pages that don’t add value, then I suggest you stop, you’re paying for something that won’t pay dividends and potentially land you in trouble in the long run.

13 Pay-Per-Click blogs we googled so you don’t have to – Ritika Puri from Unbounce put together a list of the internet’s best PPC blogs.

13 Pay Per Click Blogs We Googled So You Dont Have To

Are your local PPC ads really “local”? – Carrie Hill shares in her Marketing Land article tips on setting up the targeting and reporting for your local AdWords campaigns.

Search funnels have arrived in the AdWords interface. Use them. – Sean Quadlin from PPC Hero talks about a neat enhancement to the Google interface. Search funnel information is now available for inclusion in the AdWords reporting, right alongside the rest of your data.  As long as you have conversion tracking active in your account, you can add in these columns to get even more insight to how your ads are affecting people.

ppc advertising

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    PPC starts with the product or service you are selling, if you
    don’t have sufficient margins you’ll struggle to make money with PPC.
    It’s actually very difficult to find good products to sell nowadays. My
    advice would be to run some simulations using the Adwords Keyword tool
    to try and estimate how much each conversion is likely to cost and then
    ensure you have sufficient margin to support the costs.

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