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When you hire Powered by Search for your next conference or corporate event you’ll be delivering an unparalleled experience to your audience. At Powered by Search, every presentation experience is tailored specifically to the audience’s unique industry challenges and goals. Drawing from both technical and theoretical knowledge of digital marketing, along with real life success stories pertinent to the audience’s industry, we effortlessly demonstrate the power of digital marketing to our audience.

Our speakers present at major industry conferences, direct marketing conferences, venture capital based incubator organizations, universities, annual client conferences, and chamber of commerce meetings.

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Previous conferences & events we’ve spoken at:

  • Search Engine Strategies Chicago
  • Search Marketing Expo Toronto
  • CANSPEP – Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners
  • Acuity Forums – Executing Social Media Toronto
  • Extreme Venture Partners (VC Incubator Fund)
  • RE/MAX Fall Connect Sales Rally
  • RE/MAX KickStart Sales Rally
  • Tamil Chamber of Commerce Toronto
  • University of Toronto @ Mississauga
  • University of Toronto @ Scarborough
  • Seneca College, Toronto
  • RIC Centre, Mississauga
  • OCETA, Mississauga
  • CITA – Canadian Independent Telephone Association

The Powered by Search no holds barred promise

Every speaking event is packed with the latest strategies, tactics, and tips. You will never receive information that is old or outdated.

No audience member left behind policy

We start with a high level overview of the topic and gradually get more granular and in-depth in our presentation.

Our audiences find our speaking entertaining, packed with actionable tips and tactics, and deeply focused on achieving specific business goals.

Speaker profile

Dev Basu – CEO and Chief Search Marketing Strategist

Dev founded Powered by Search after having worked in multiple roles in the search marketing industry for agencies, in-house firms, and as an individual consultant. Dev heads up Powered by Search’s SEO & Social Media operations and focuses on educating enterprise and SMB clients on the value of search marketing as a key business driver. He also speaks at conferences such as Search Engine Strategies and blogs on the topic of Local Search and Small business marketing on his personal blog, Search Marketing Insights. He is also 1 of 3 Canadian participants to the industry cited Local Search Ranking Factors study, a survey pooling the opinions of several industry experts on the topic of ranking factors related to local search.

As an evangelist of Search Marketing, Dev has also contributed to 4th year marketing courses at the University of Toronto, where he guest lectures classes of 40-70 students on building a foundation in SEO as a technical and marketing art, followed by an introduction into SEO as a career stream.

Basu’s value proposition in all speaking engagements lies in breaking down difficult concepts around online marketing and media, into short, succinct, and actionable advice.


Dev Basu is a rare breed of entrepreneur. He is very mindful, respectful of his clients needs and is a straight-shooter telling you what you need to do in order to achieve the outcomes you want. As a guest speaker at Extreme University, he taught us the importance of SEO – especially for startups in terms of acquiring traffic, users and converting those users to dollars. As a last minute speaker, he was able to create a fantastic learning environment for myself and colleagues, in addition to withstanding a barrage of questions (where I didn’t hold back in terms of curiosity). Well versed in search engine optimization and marketing, I would whole-heartedly recommend Dev Basu and his firm, Powered by Search. – Will Lam,

Thank you for making such a timely presentation; it was great. You have a wonderful laid back style. You may have heard from others directly, but many thought you were the highlight of the entire conference. Thanks again and I look forward to having you on future conference agendas. – Margi Taylor, Canadian Independent Telephone Association

Speaker topics

a. Social Media 101: Power Prospecting for the New Age Professional
Learn how to use social media marketing to attract new leads, engage with your local community, and build your own personal brand. This content rich seminar focuses on actionable strategies and tactics to start marketing yourself via Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and other relevant social media sites.

b. What’s Next in Search: The Future of Online Advertising
An insightful seminar on what’s next in the rapidly evolving world of search marketing and other web technologies relevant to advertisers. Topics will cover mobile marketing, demographic targeted social network advertising, user history based search engine advertising, and locally geo-targeted advertising using modern day computers, and smart phones such as the Blackberry, iPhone, and Palm Pre.

c. Conversion Rate Optimization – A Practical Web User Experience Seminar for Corporations
How can you double your sales conversion rates without spending an extra dollar in advertising? Conversion rate optimization utilizes best practices in landing page design, user call to actions, and path based user segmentation to boost sales, generate more leads, and decrease the cost per lead of customer acquisition. This seminar is relevant to organizations who’s customers buy online but shop offline, e-commerce driven businesses, and SaaS (Software as a Service) start-ups.

d. How to Get Found Online Using Search Engine Optimization
Learn how migrating dollars from traditional media to online based search engine optimization and marketing can boost campaign ROI’s by over 500%-1000%. This seminar will outline how search engines rank websites, including best practices for corporations to leverage SEO and integrate it into their content production processes. The seminar will also feature an ROI analysis into the effectiveness and efficiency of a search marketing campaign as a key sales and lead generation medium.

e. How To Convince Your CEO on the Need for SEO
Perhaps you’re the only one spearheading the adoption of search marketing in your company. This seminar will aid breaking down complicated concepts, remove technical jargon, and provide a ‘What to Know in SEO for the CEO’ fact sheet. This seminar is geared towards middle management, IT teams, and interactive marketing departments for Fortune 1000 companies and SME’s alike.

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