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Video – Think You Know AdWords? 4 Experts Share & Debate Their Tips

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If you missed our AdWords webinar last week, don’t worry, we’ve got the full recording below. With world class marketers such as Brad Geddes, Mike Rhodes, John Rampton, and Terry Whalen sharing and debating their best tips, you won’t want to miss this video if you’re interested in generating leads for your business. And don’t forget that we have more webinars […]

The Google My Business Update Will Affect You in 3 Ways

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Last night Google updated their quality guidelines for their My Business local pages. These new updates are affecting naming practices, category selections, and other conditions. It even has the potential to remove a whole industry as a Local SEO strategy. However, many influential people don’t believe in the enforcement capabilities of Google with these updates, so […]

Urgent! Google Changes Mobile Search Ads in a Month

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The new “improvement” Google has just announced, is going to shock and awe those in the AdWords/PPC world. Starting October 15, 2014, your second line of ad text may or may not be replaced with your ad extension on mobile search ads. Google’s title “Making Every Character Count on Your Mobile Search Ads” for this […]

How To Maximize PPC Budgets on Google Adwords

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Every time a user enters a search query, businesses are presented with an opportunity to engage with a potential customer, earn their trust, and in turn their business. This can be done by utilizing the paid search ad services that these search engines offer; the business’s ads  appear when the appropriate matching keywords are looked […]

Google’s Top 20 Most Expensive PPC Keywords

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How does Google make its money? Believe it or not but 97% of Google’s revenue comes from pay per click (PPC) advertising through AdWords. People often wonder which are the most expensive keywords in Google AdWords. The list and infographic below indicate the 20 most expensive keywords and their top cost per click. Top 20 […]

New AdWords Extensions to Experiment with this Summer

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Ad Extensions are by far one of the easiest and most impactful ways to boost your paid search performance.  Not only do they require minimal set up time, but they are displayed at no additional cost.  A serious win-win situation for all PPC managers out there!  Most of us are familiar with the basic extensions, […]