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Why Your Brand Should Be Mobile Ready [INFOGRAPHIC]

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As greater and greater mobile users turn to their Smartphones to make purchases, find information, or simply just browse the Internet, it has become increasingly important for businesses to acquire a mobile presence. Occupying the same digital spaces as your consumers is important for successful business, and increasingly, consumers are on their Smartphones. This Infographic will [...]

Search Tips of the Week: Authorship, International SEO, and Mobile-friendly sites

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Google confirms hidden benefit of authorship – Matt McGee shows that “if a user returns to the search results after reading an author-tagged search result for a certain period of time, Google will add three additional links to similar articles from the same author below the originally clicked link.” International SEO: dropping the information dust [...]

The Great Canadian PC E-Commerce Showdown

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E-commerce and online shopping dominates the time and wallets of Canadians: in 2010, 74% of time spent online was attributed to shopping, the average order size per person was $1,362, and the retail e-commerce market was worth $15.3 billion in Canada. With numbers like these, it’s no surprise that companies like Amazon, ThinkGeek, and Zappos [...]

5 Ways to Enhance Your E-Commerce Product Descriptions

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As a web content writer, I’m often asked to write – or rewrite – product descriptions for e-Commerce websites.  The ultimate goal is to sell the advertised products or services to people searching for them.  To succeed in today’s hyper-competitive online environment, content must be findable and compelling.  It should also be targeted, original, optimized [...]