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4 Ways the Twitter IPO Alters the Future of Digital Marketing

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Twitter Post -IPO and your digital marketing strategy

Yesterday, Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) had its long awaited IPO. From a price of $26, to opening at $45.10, then closing at a price of $44.90(an increase of more than 70% from its original IPO price!). For its first day of trading, investors couldn’t get enough of the prized social platform’s stock. Twitter’s first-ever tweet (made by […]

Mobile SEO Best Practices & SMS Mobile Marketing

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So you want to go green mobile do you? With the ever changing face of the web, one cannot be surprised to know that a vast number of total searches being conducted are coming from smartphones or other mobile devices. Just take a look around you. What do you see? My guess is that on […]

Why Your Brand Should Be Mobile Ready [INFOGRAPHIC]

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As greater and greater mobile users turn to their Smartphones to make purchases, find information, or simply just browse the Internet, it has become increasingly important for businesses to acquire a mobile presence. Occupying the same digital spaces as your consumers is important for successful business, and increasingly, consumers are on their Smartphones. This Infographic will […]

6 Second Marketing: Why Your Business Should Be on Vine

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From Instagrams to Infographics, the content we come across in the digital world has become increasingly visual. From a marketing standpoint, we can safely assume that the majority of consumers would rather watch a video than read a block of text. And it is not difficult to see why. The visual and aural aspects of the […]

Implementing Mobile – Inbound Tuesday

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Everyone is talking about mobile. It’s the new thing, it’s the future. That’s great, but what is mobile, how does not optimizing your website for mobile affect you, and when you decide to take the plunge, how do you do it? The answers are in the video! Inbound Tuesdays is a new project that we’re […]

Interview with Rick Jessup, Digital Marketing Strategist

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Today we had the pleasure of interviewing  Rick Jessup,  head of Capital C‘s digital strategy, insights, and analytics practice. From managing Bulletin Board System on the Freenet in 1990 to starting one of Canada’s first blogs in 1995 to public speaking in 2010, Rick has truly grown up digital. Over the past 20+ years he’s had the […]