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Google Partner Free PPC Breakfast Seminar

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Google Partner, Powered by Search, will be hosting it’s 2nd free Google Partner Digital Breakfast April 8, 2015. If you’ve ever wanted to attract more visitors and generate more leads through AdWords, this is the perfect event for you. Enjoy a delicious hot breakfast and learn how to run & organize AdWords campaigns to attracts more buyer’s […]

Learn Closely Guarded Paid Search Secrets at InboundTO

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Have you ever been intimidated by the sheer concept of paid search marketing? Maybe you think the paid search approach won’t really benefit your company. Or maybe you’re not really sure how it works! We’re Hosting the Perfect Event for You – and It’s FREE Our 20th InbooundTO meet up, Learn Closely Guarded Paid Search […]

The Big List Of Guides For PPC Advertising

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This list originally started as just a few bookmarks on some awesome posts that I’ve found while stumbling around on Google. Having just been introduced to paid search a few months ago, I would constantly be combing the internet on how-to’s and guides on ppc. I wanted to immerse myself on the topic, and luckily […]

How I’m Learning PPC Strategy From A Game

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Hey, my name’s Jason Yang and I’m a new intern here at Powered by Search. I started this September and I’m still quite the beginner at online marketing. One of the things I’ve been trying to focus on lately is learning Paid Search Marketing. And while reading whitepapers and articles have been great to give […]