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Connect with Canada’s Top 30 Under 30 Marketers


Marketing Magazine recently published their second annual “Top 30 Under 30” list, honouring the young talent in the Canadian marketing industry.

We thought it would be useful to compile last year’s and this year’s lists into one comprehensive table including their social media profiles so that marketing industry leaders can easily get in touch with them.

Year Featured
Present Company & Position
Alkarim Nasser
2012Bnotions, Managing Partner twitterlinkedin
Andrew Archer 
2013Archer & Co., Startup consultant
Brad Canario
2012Campbell Company of Canada, Senior Brand Managertwitterlinkedin
Brian Wong2013Kiip, Founder & CEOtwitterlinkedin
Christopher Walton
2012Media Experts, Advanced Television Solutions
Dave Hale
2012Soshal Group, Founder & CEOtwitterlinkedin
Dave Wilkin
2012Redwood Strategic, Founder twitterlinkedin
Derek Blais2013BBDO, Senior Art Directortwitterlinkedin
Devon Brooks
2012Blo Dry, Co-Foundertwitterlinkedin
Diana Lucaci2013True Impact Marketing, Founder & CEOtwitterlinkedin
Dilshan Kathriarachchi
2013Addictive Mobility, President & CTOtwitterlinkedin
Drew Cashmore2013Walmart, Director of Digital Marketing & Customer Acquisitiontwitterlinkedin
Eric Alper
2012Sid Lee, Vice Presidenttwitterlinkedin
Erin Bury201288 Creative, Managing Directortwitterlinkedin
Francois Lallier
2013Nova Film, Co-founder and film director
Hannah Smit 
2013John St., Art Directortwitterlinkedin
Jasmin Cheng2013Twist Image, Associate Director of Strategytwitterlinkedin
Jennifer Dunn
2012Mediative, Director of Product and Channel Managementtwitterlinkedin
Jennifer Kaiser
2012Media Profile, Senior PR Consultant linkedin
Jennifer Lomax 
2013Satov Consultants, Marketer & Business Consultanttwitterlinkedin
Josh Singer
2012Kognitive Marketing, Presidenttwitterlinkedin
Kathryn Buczko 
2013Twitter, Account Executive twitterlinkedin
Kelly McEachern
2013Lay's, Pepisco Foods Canada, Marketing Manager linkedin
Kelsey Cole
2013Revlon, PR Associate twitter
Kim Tarlo2013Mosaic, Associate Creative Director twitterlinkedin
Kirsten Walkom
2012Save the Children Canada, National Senior Managertwitterlinkedin
Kofi Gyekye 
2013Little Room, Director of Account Managementtwitterlinkedin
Kunal Gupta
2012Polar Mobile, CEOtwitterlinkedin
Kyle Lamb2012John St., Associate Creative Directortwitterlinkedin
Lauren O’Neil2013CBC News, Associate Producer, Social Mediatwitterlinkedin
Liberty Lee
2012Citizen Optimum, Account Directortwitterlinkedin
Lindsay Cook
2012Loblaw Companies Ltd./ Joe Fresh, Director of Marketinglinkedin
Lindy Norris 
2013Athena Leadership, Founder & Presidenttwitterlinkedin
Marla Natoli
2012Torstar Digital, Mobile Product & Operations Managertwitterlinkedin
Marta Tryshak
2012WithLoveGabrielle.com, Creatortwitterlinkedin
Megan Siegel2012Proximity, Community Manager twitterlinkedin
Melissa Orozco
2012Yulu PR, Co-Founder twitterlinkedin
Melissa Smich
2012Tribal DDB, Senior Cultivator twitterlinkedin
Melissa Upjohn 
2013Diageo, Associate Brand Manager, Vodka & Gintwitterlinkedin
Misty Meeks 
2013Argyle, Director of Digital Strategy twitterlinkedin
Pascal Dessureault
2013TD, Manager, Corporate & Public Affairstwitterlinkedin
Philip Schaffer 
2013KBS+ Toronto, Account Directortwitterlinkedin
Pirouz Nilforoush2012InPowered, President & Co-Foundertwitterlinkedin
Reid Campbell
2012VMG Cinematic, Founder & Managing Partnertwitterlinkedin
Rhiannon MacDonnell2012Cass Business School, Lecturer in Marketingtwitterlinkedin
Roshni Wijayasinha 
2013Kobo, Senior Product Marketing Managertwitterlinkedin
Ryan Bannon
2012Playground Inc., Creative director & Managing Partnertwitterlinkedin
Ryan Willms 
2013Inventory Magazine, CEO & Editor-in-Chieftwitterlinkedin
Sarena Ally
2013Facebook, Account Managerlinkedin
Shelby Walsh 
2013Trend Hunter, VP of Operations & Community twitterlinkedin
Simon Cazelais 
2013Bleublancrouge, VP Account Servicestwitterlinkedin
Soniya Monga 
2013LinkedIn, Regional Account Director, North Asiatwitterlinkedin
Steve Tam
2013100 Acre Wood, Co-Founder twitterlinkedin
Talia Cohen
2012TACN Studio, Presidenttwitter
Tegan Mierle2013Pilot Interactive, Co-Founder & Creative Directortwitterlinkedin
Trevor Byrne
2012Taxi Toronto, Account Directorlinkedin
Tyler Calder
2012Search Engine People, Vice President, Client Strategytwitterlinkedin
Tyler Turnbull
2012Proximity Canadam, Senior Vice-President, Strategy and Insighttwitterlinkedin
Yael Cohen
2012Fuck Cancer, Founder & CEOtwitter
Yousuf Afridi2013Taxi 2, Account Manager twitterlinkedin

If you’re an aspiring marketer yourself, feel free to connect with these insightful gurus! They clearly have a good head on their shoulders so don’t be shy to strike up a twitter conversation or shoot them an email. After all, marketing is all about building relationships.

Canada is full of up-and-coming marketing stars, so be sure to stay tuned for next year’s list!

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