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SES Toronto Day 1 Recap: Video Optimization Clinic

I wrapped up my Day 1 by attending the Video Optimization Clinic with moderator Jon Myers from the SES Advisory Board & Head of Search/Associate Director at Mediavestand, and Greg Jarboe, President & Co-Founder of SEO-PR.

Greg started the session by providing the audience some great statistics about video search:

  • 21.7 million Canadians watched over 4 billion videos in April.
  • Close to 19.1 m Canadians watched 2.2 billion videos on YouTube in April.
  • 54.1% of all videos watched on YouTube were in Canada.

Important optimization points:

  • Views and reviews are very important. They are a vital ranking factor and can be related to the importance of having a large number of inbound links to rank highly in organic search.
  • Views resulting from the clicks on promoted videos (sponsored videos) can enhance organic video ranking.
  • Auto-fill feature is a good way to do keyword research.
  • YouTube Keyword Research Tool can also be used to carry out keyword research for video search.
  • Video Title: Can be 120 characters. Tip: Put brand name at the end of title.
  • Video Description: Can be 5000 characters long. Tip: Make it short but detailed and include URLs with http://
  • Video Tags: Can be 120 characters. Tip: Include brand name, city, topics.

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