We Helped Garaga Grow Massively in Less than 6 Weeks

The Challenge

Garaga, a Canada-based multinational garage door manufacturer, lacked the ability to capture online customers. Despite their tremendous growth since the 80s, the company was at risk of losing out on key revenue streams in the digital age.

Garaga’s website suffered from misdirection; the lack of content gave no reason to come back following the initial visit, and it’s unoptimized architecture resulted in a lack of conversions and poor search engine visibility. Potential revenue was lost every single day.

In 2011, Garaga realized they had to turn things around. They approached our team and formed a close partnership with us. It was time to help re-establish Garaga into industry leaders.

The Results

  • 35% Uplift in Organic Traffic
  • 29% increase in Unique Visitors
  • 167% growth in Organic Traffic for dealer website
  • Low cost per lead of only $7

Here's How We Did It


Conducted Comprehensive SEO and PPC Audits

We began our partnership with comprehensive SEO and PPC audits which allowed us to strategically pinpoint Garaga’s core issues. The climb to the top of the mountain had begun.


Local Landing Page Creation + Quality Content Marketing Tactics

To increase search engine visibility, we developed and optimized 60 localized landing pages, and meticulously ran successful link building campaigns. This increased organic search traffic by 35%, and we were hungry for more growth. Garaga’s lack of content was problematic so we invested heavily in a fastidious content strategy. By crafting a variety of sales + marketing aligned content such as infographics and blog posts, we increased organic search traffic by 40,000. We also executed paid search marketing and conversion rate optimization tactics which reduced Garaga’s cost per lead to a mere $7.


Rising TIde Lifts all Boats: Garaga Partner Websites See Similar Results

Garaga was so pleased by the quick turnaround that we even partnered with several of their dealer websites. Using similar tactics, we drove a 167% increase in organic traffic. Our close partnership with Garaga has been an absolute pleasure, and it continues to this day.

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