We Doubled Consultations for Venus Concept

The Challenge

Venus Concept, a revolutionary leader in the medical aesthetics industry, lost 85% of their organic traffic before speaking with us. Obviously they weren’t happy and were looking for solutions, just imagine if your business lost nearly all potential customers.

As result of new FDA guidelines, Venus had to redact quite a bit of information from their pages, and this hurt their rankings since Google saw the updated pages as thin and less relevant. In fact, competitors were starting to outrank Venus. At the same time, Venus had created new “en-global” pages in English which had complete content that were targeted towards international audiences.

En-global pages were being redirected from the US ones using JavaScript, and this was creating a block for Google. Google had great difficulty crawling Venus’ website, creating huge visibility issues.
The mission was clear – recover Venus Concept’s traffic, and recover it fast.

The Results

  • Fixed Venus Concept’s 85% traffic drop off, brought to 3000 visits per month.
  • Doubled contact form consultation requests as soon as Google picked up on the new SEO improvements.
  • Reduced page load speed by 20 seconds.

Here's How We Did It


Geo-targeting Done Right

We needed several solutions to solve the redirect issues and to get the en-global pages indexed whilst serving the US ones when relevant. The global pages had more worth to Google as they offered more relevancy for a greater amount of searches. We began by creating US English pages called “en-us” that would replace the existing “.com” US pages, in order to create a new destination for the redacted content. Then we implemented 301 redirects from the .com pages to the corresponding en-global pages. This allowed link juice to pass through which boosted the SEO worth of each page, which was not the case with the previous JavaScript redirects.


FDA Compliance + Google Duplicate Content Compliance

In order to meet the FDA guidelines, en-us pages were added to a language and country selector. Furthermore, we canonicalized these pages to en-global so that Google would not see them as duplicate content. Additionally, this change was beneficial because it told Google that en-global pages were the primary ones which encouraged indexation. Our intensive efforts were able to restore Venus Concept’s lost organic traffic. In about 4 weeks, traffic returned to what it should have been, 3000 visits per month. We also saw a huge increase in contact form conversions, a trend that’s expected to continue.


Page Speed Reduction

By the way, we were also able to eliminate website load speed by over 20 seconds. Not only did this improve general user experience, but it helped Google rankings as well since page load speed is one of the many metrics used to determine the quality of a website.

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