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April 23, 2015


6:00 pm to 8:00 pm EDT

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Join us for InboundTO 25 as we unravel how you can make your marketing automation less robotic and more humanlike. With so many marketing tools available to make our lives easier we tend to get lazy and forget how to talk to people like humans. This month’s presentations are going to teach you how to automate your marketing to move your customers down the funnel, but do it in a humanlike way.

RSVP early to reserve your spot for the meetup. InboundTO charges a $10.00 admission fee.

This Month’s Talks

How to use marketing automation to qualify leads for your sales team – Presented by Francois Mathieu, Inbound Marketing Manager at Uberflip

How to prevent customer churn with marketing automation – Presented by Joel Popoff, Marketing Director at Powered by Search


Introduction from the organizers, Francois Mathieu’s talk / Q&A period, Joel Popoff’s talk / Q&A period, a catered networking break, and a book giveaway.

The event will start at 6:15 PM and last for approximately 2 hours. Doors close at 6:15 PM due to limited seating and high demand. Please arrive at the venue around 6:00 PM to get a seat.

Francois Mathieu – Inbound Marketing Manager at Uberflip 

Francois Mathieu is the Inbound Marketing Manager at Uberflip, a content automation platform that allows you to manage content, place contextual call-to-actions, and measure performance – no IT required.

Joel Popoff – Marketing Director at Powered by Search

Joel has over 4 years of marketing and entrepreneurial experience. His passion and talent for marketing automation has helped him grow Zoocasa’s leads by over 3500 in just 6 months.

This Month’s Book Giveaway

About InboundTO

Inbound Marketing Toronto is a monthly meetup focused on hot topics in the world of inbound marketing.

The meetup hosts experts in the fields of Digital Marketing, SEO & Local SEO, Social Media, UX Design, Graphic Design, PPC, CRO, CRM, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Start-up Founders, and more.

Sponsors: The event is sponsored by the inbound marketing agency Powered by Search and the innovation company BNOTIONS.

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