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August 27, 2015


2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EDT

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  • Mike Ramsey

    Mike is the Founder and CEO of Nifty Marketing. He spends a majority of his time learning and speaking about how consumers use the internet to find local businesses. Mike loves connecting customers with companies.

  • Caleb Donegan

    Caleb is the Director of Product Management at Balihoo. He’s been in the digital space for over 8 years now, and he’s passionate about driving revenue through online means. Caleb specializes in SEO and SEM.

  • Marcus Miller

    Marcus is the owner of Bowler Hat Internet Services. He’s been involved with digital marketing since 1999 and initially started as a programmer. According to Marcus, this makes him either really wise, or really old.

During this free webinar, you will learn

✓ Why Local SEO is so important for search engine rankings.
✓ How to optimize for local & boost your site’s visibility.

✓ How to avoid common Local SEO mistakes.