• Toronto, Ontario

    We’re proud to call Toronto home. Canada’s largest metropolis and economic hub is recognized as one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Toronto is a rising global business hub city that provides the perfect business environment for companies looking for a competitive edge.

  • Vancouver, British Columbia

    Vancouver is renowned around the world as one of Canada’s most sought after cities. With its scenic landscape, adventurous activities and friendly people it’s not a surprise that Vancouver consistently ranks in the top five cities in the world in terms of livability and quality of life.

  • Montreal, Quebec

    Montreal is recognized for its beautiful architecture (it’s a UNESCO’s City of Design), sense of fashion, outstanding cuisine and unique European-like culture. It has the second-largest economy among Canadian cities based on GDP and is the largest city in Quebec.

  • Calgary, Alberta

    Calgary is recognized as a Canadian leader in the oil and gas industry and is ranked as the number one best city overall in the Best Places to Live in Canada for 2013. The resource boom and increased economic diversification has provided high personal income, low unemployment rates, and a high GDP per capita.

  • Edmonton, Alberta

    Edmonton is known as the “Oil Capital of Canada” because of its large array of petrochemical industries. Its massive oil and gas reserves are the second largest in the world. Edmonton’s economic potential, expanding infrastructure, human resources and cost effectiveness creates the perfect recipe for a high standard of living.

United States

  • Los Angeles, California

    Los Angeles (LA), the “City of Angels,” is widely known to be the entertainment capital of the world. Being the hub for production of many popular television shows, movies, and music recordings, it’s no wonder the city attracts millions of tourists each year.

  • Chicago, Illinois

    Chicago, the Windy City, is the third largest city in America. The birthplace of musical genres such as the blues and jazz, the city is also the heart of comedy. It boasts the fourth-largest GDP among metropolitan cities in the world.

  • Denver, Colorado

    Denver, “The Mile-High City” is a key trade point for the USA. Located on great plains and the Rocky Mountains, Denver has gained a reputation as being a city that values an active and outdoor-oriented lifestyle coupled with a vibrant arts and performing arts scene.

  • Houston, Texas

    Houston, where everything is bigger and better. From the skyscrapers to the city’s influence in oil, shipping, finance, and aerospace, Houston is a city that brings offerings to anyone and everyone. Considered by many to be the “energy capital of the world,” Houston is home to more than 5000 energy-related firms.

  • Seattle, Washington

    Seattle, otherwise known as “The Emerald City”, is the home of many international businesses such as Starbucks, Microsoft, Costco, and, just to name a few. The city is a popular choice for start-up businesses, particularly those in the green building and clean technology sectors.