Digital Marketing in Montreal


Montreal is recognized for its beautiful architecture (it’s a UNESCO’s City of Design), sense of fashion, outstanding cuisine and unique European-like culture. It has the second-largest economy among Canadian cities based on GDP and is the largest city in Quebec.  The city is an important centre of commerce, industry, technology, finance, culture, and is the headquarters of the Montreal Exchange. We are proud to provide SEO & PPC Services to small, medium, and large companies in this historic city.

Montreal SEO Services

A comprehensive approach to search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to the success of any business looking to win in the digital space. We work with clients to help their teams better understand SEO best practices, ensure that their digital properties are optimized for search engines, and develop content that drives significant traffic increases and meets customer acquisition targets.

As a client, you can expect constant direct communication with our team of experts. We pride ourselves as being a boutique agency that provides custom, high quality work that delivers solid results for our clients.
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What do you get with Powered by Search’s SEO services?

  • In-Depth SEO Site Review and Audit
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Initial Ranking Report
  • On-page Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Strategy and Development
  • Duplicate Content Handling
  • Canonicalization
  • Monthly Ranking and Progress Reports
  • Link Development Programs

Montreal PPC Services

PPC is a powerful advertising tool that allows you to target the exact individuals who are looking online for your products or services, therefore maximizing your ROI and minimizing lost leads. It might sound like a simple concept and an easy form of marketing to implement, however, with search engines constantly changing their algorithms, PPC is getting more and more complex. Without specific knowledge on how to develop a winning PPC campaign, your budget will dry up fast and your ROI will be less than impressive.

Powered by Search’s PPC consultants are experts in the field and have implemented successful campaigns for numerous clients such Primus

Telecommunications and New Awakenings. We work as an extension to your marketing team and have the ability to create your ads copy, landing pages, and deploy multi-channel PPC programs that cover Google AdWords (both search and display), MSN Ad Center, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and social SEM such as Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads.

The best part is we don’t hide anything from you. Clients always have full access to their data 24/7, including reporting dashboards that we can configure for specific roles in your organization, such as the Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Director, Digital Marketing Manager, and any other related roles.

What do you get with Powered by Search’s PPC management services?

  • High Level Campaign Strategy and Execution
  • Competitor Analysis and Industry Research
  • Ad Copy Creation and Testing
  • Conversion and ROI Tracking Analysis
  • Extensive Keyword Research & Generation
  • 24/7 Flexible, Customized Reporting
  • Access To Exclusive AdWords Beta Opportunities

Other Digital Marketing Services in Montreal

Powered by Search provides a range of Digital Marketing Services in Montreal. Over the years we’ve focused our offerings down to those that have the highest impact on your bottom line.

  • We offer Local SEO Services in Montreal, allowing your business locations to dramatically improve their positioning for local maps searches, wherever you have a physical business location.
  • Our focus on measurable success means we rely on our Web Analytics Services in Montreal (Specializing in Google Analytics & Omniture) and powerful reporting frameworks to track progress and address problems before they can have major impacts.
  • Powered by Search’s Social Media Marketing in Montreal allows us to remarket to existing customers and create highly targeted campaigns for new customers.
  • Our Marketing Automation Services in Montreal leverage platforms such as Hubspot and Pardot to move your users through a structured conversion funnel. We create landing pages, Calls to Action, email designs, flow architecture and can manage your campaigns for you.
  • We’re proud to offer Conversion Rate Optimization Services in Montreal. Our UX Audits, best practice implementation, and AB & Multivariate Testing have driven massive results for our clients. Find out more about how Powered by Search can help your business!
  • Powered by Search leverages 10x Content and proven content promotion techniques to provide Content Marketing & Content Strategy Services in Montreal. Ask us for sample content and case studies!