[New Podcast] How to map your SaaS landing pages to your funnel

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How to Tackle SaaS Homepage Design for Your B2B SaaS Company


Your SaaS website’s homepage is where the relationship with your customers begins. Having a homepage that’s clear about who you are and what you do is critical for gaining trust with prospects. Here’s how you avoid the most common landing page mistakes.

Show Notes

Your SaaS’ website homepage is where the relationships with your customers begin having a homepage. That’s clear about who you are and what you do is critical for gaining trust with prospects.

But when it comes to B2B SaaS home page design, many companies waste their time chasing the latest design elements and templates, rather than thinking about the objective of the homepage from first principles.

As a result, their home pages are often poorly optimized for doing the one thing that really matters: transforming an anonymous website visitor into a known prospect. By learning the principles of effective SaaS homepage design, you can increase the likelihood of making a good first impression on new visitors, lead generation and cultivating a connection with them through your email list and ultimately closing more prospects who first landed on your homepage.

Most blog posts on this topic consist of screenshot, examples of various SaaS websites for design inspiration. And while those are useful, they tend to lack an explanation of the why behind the various designs. Now, in this episode, we’ll feature examples of B2B, SaaS, homepages, but we’ll also dive into a first principles view of SaaS homepage design.

You’ll learn concepts and strategies here that will remain applicable in the long run, regardless of what’s currently trending.