In most companies the marketing funnel looks something like this: 1) drive traffic to the website; then 2) capture leads with forms on the website; and finally 3) pass leads to sales for qualification. But what if a lead isn’t ready to buy when they submit a form to download a whitepaper? Do you send them to sales for qualification, even though three quarters of all B2B leads aren’t sales-ready? Of course not! They could be perfectly good leads—but they need to be engaged and nurtured before they make a purchase decision.

Marketing automation is the middle man that allows marketers to track prospects as they convert from unknown visitor into known prospect through form submits, nurture them with email and content offers, qualify them as sales-ready using lead grading and scoring, and then finally hand them over to sales as marketing qualified leads.

Executing a high impact marketing automation strategy isn’t a walk in the park, so we’ve pulled together resources to help make your job easier. Use our checklists, guides, videos & webinars to ensure that your marketing automation campaigns are optimized and working as hard as they can. We’ll share actionable tips and tricks that you can apply to your email & marketing automation programs today.