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Quick Summary

Take Action: Fall in love with your audience. Serve them.

We as marketers have stopped serving and started selling, using too much “big data” and magic tactics. Brands are not keeping their promises, so consumers are actively unfollowing brands. Yet, when it comes to trust, most of the work is done before you even enter the room.

The problem:

We have fallen more in love with ourselves than the people we serve.

It’s time to ask ourselves what benefit we need to give to earn business. Because when you focus on value, the concept of “price” goes out the window — it becomes irrelevant. When you inspire those that you serve, you can turn a NO into a YES — that is the mindset of preeminence.

Problem #1: Just because you see a problem doesn’t mean you know how to solve it.

Problem #2: Just because they know their orientation doesn’t mean they know what they want. Your purpose as a marketer is to provide focus.

Problem #3: Just because they’re clear on what they want doesn’t mean they feel like you “get them.” Who was the last person who had your back? How did they make you feel?

Problem #4: Without trust, people won’t take action.

Focus → Clarity → Power → Understanding → Certainty → Trust → Action

“I will fall more in love with my audience than with myself.”