The Intent EngineTM Workshop

Learn the framework that will supercharge your marketing campaigns


In this 4 hour workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Compel you ideal buyers to take action by identifying their fears, frustrations, wants, and aspirations
  • Pinpoint the right way to engage your ideal customers through the right digital marketing channels
  • Forecast & validate ROI on paper before investing any money in campaigns
Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend

  • Marketing Directors
  • Brand Managers
  • Digital Strategists


August 14, 2018

8am - 12pm




Limited to 30 seats - Don’t miss out!

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Most prospects don’t do what you want them to, otherwise you’d have no problem hitting your sales goals

That’s why we created the Intent Engine™. Here’s how it works...We enter the conversation your customer is having about your brand, before, during, and after visiting your website.

The Intent Engine™ has become the backbone of hundreds of successful campaigns for our clients, generating over 1 billion dollars in sales in the last year alone.

This workshop will show you the step-by-step strategies of The Intent Engine™ that you can start using right after the workshop.

Some of our successful client campaigns include:


increase in traffic


increase in traffic from AdWords


increase in leads

What you’ll learn at this Workshop

Hot Button Framework™

The secret to attracting your ideal customer is not to shout. Instead, you just need to whisper the right words into the right ear. The avatar hot button framework helps you identify your ideal customers Fears, Frustrations, Wants, and Aspirations in 1 easy to use page. Once you learn how to use this, you'll immediately see greater resonance between your marketing communications and your market response.

9 Point Content Framework™

People buy emotionally and justify their decision logically afterward. This new framework gives you a quick way to figure out what makes your customers tick, so you can compel them to take action now. Getting engagement with your ads and increasing your website’s conversions rates will seem low effort and high return once you integrate this framework into your marketing.

Five-One's Exercise™

Most companies have great talent and technology but lack a system to reach their digital marketing targets. The 5 -One's helps your entire team focus on 1 person, problem, promise, platform, and promotional time frame.

ROI Stress Test Exercise™

Do you ever wish you could forecast & validate ROI on paper before investing thousands and thousands of dollars? Well, now you can! This ROI Stress Test Exercise will help you estimate costs for SEO & PPC campaigns and will allow you to determine if there is ROI on paper first.

Limited to 30 seats - Don’t miss out!

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Who should attend

The Intent Engine Workshop isn't for everyone. We've specifically designed it to be as useful as possible for corporate marketing teams who have a big target, and aren't sure how to hit their numbers.

This workshop will only be useful for you if your company:

  • Has management buy-in to become a digital first organization.
  • Has worked with internal digital marketing teams or external digital agency partners
  • Is already doing well but you know you can do better.

Subject Matter Experts

Are you a marketing specialist, SEO specialist, PPC specialist, design specialist, and wish there was an easy to follow framework to bring back to your company to get everyone on the same page? Do you feel like your SEO and PPC campaigns are siloed because there are so many other marketing department stakeholders who don’t understand how SEO and PPC work?

Do you struggle with trying to get everyone to understand the benefits of search campaigns and wish there was a simple way to connect all the dots for your company on the benefits of what you do? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then attending this workshop will benefit you. Our new system solves all those problems listed above and more.

Marketing Managers

Are you a marketing manager and need to manage the work of different agencies, specialists, and contractors and wish you had a simple system to judge if the digital marketing work is being done well? Then you are going to want to attend this workshop because you will be able to use our new simple 3-pillar system to know if those different vendors are creating campaigns that will be successful.

Marketing Directors & VPs

As a marketing executive, setting vision and strategy for online marketing is getting harder and harder with all the noise out there. You need to also be able to hire the ‘right’ team members to win in today’s competitive marketing space, but how do you hire and set strategy for specialized roles such as “content marketers”, “SEO Specialists”, and “PPC Managers”, when you aren’t an expert yourself? This is where our Intent Engine workshop becomes your best friend. You can spend half a day swiping our successful 3-pillar system that will allow you to set strategies and find the right talent for your marketing team. We will teach you what you need to ‘look for’ and ‘look out for’ when it comes to setting up successful search campaigns.

Some of the brands who have attended this Workshop

Limited to 30 seats - Don’t miss out!

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About the Workshop Instructor

Dev Basu - Founder & CEO, Powered by Search

Dev is a polymath who wears many hats; founder at Powered by Search, Canada’s fastest growing digital marketing agency, author, speaker, and professor of marketing. Dev is best known as a digital marketing expert who helps Fortune 1000 companies double how fast they grow through better marketing.

Dev is the creator of the Predictable Growth Formula - a system that is designed to predictably and dramatically increase customer acquisition and a result, the bottom line. The typical company that works with Dev and his team sees a return on investment of 500%-1500%, along with a dramatic increase in their web presence, and marketing performance.

Workshop FAQs

What will be my learnings from this workshop that I don’t already have?

At the end of the workshop you will learn our frameworks that you can use directly in your marketing

Can I apply this to my marketing right after the workshop?

Absolutely! You can apply your learning as soon as you get back from the workshop. We will have enough time to get you familiarized with the frameworks and the best way to use them. You can take a deeper dive and go through them again once the workshop is over. Also, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a magic pill. It will take hard-work and smart execution to see results.

How is this workshop delivered?

The workshop will be conducted in our office premises. The training is broken down into 4 modules and will have exercises that you can do as you learn. The workshop will also have a Q&A session with the speaker, so you can clarify any doubts you might have.

Why should I invest in this workshop now?

The Intent Engine workshops are limited throughout the year and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to learn while you can. Also, the best time to learn a Predictable Growth System was last year, when we launched it. But, the next best time is now! So there should be no doubt about waiting any further if you’re serious about advancing your marketing skills.

Is this a specialized workshop? Will there be a lot of technical things involved?

If you are a marketer who knows how to use the internet and use a computer, you will be at complete ease with this workshop. We will not go in-depth on topics like SEO and/or PPC, but if someone has a specific doubt related to those topics, we can definitely help you out in the Q&A sessions. This workshop is valuable for those who are looking to hyper focus their marketing efforts to drive predictable results.

How is the post-registration process look like?

After filling out the form and successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email with all details of the workshop. You will also receive a calendar link and reminders leading up to the event.

What is the duration of these workshops?

The duration of the workshop is 4 hours. Breakfast and coffee breaks are included in the price of the workshop. Also, all material necessary for the workshop will be provided on the spot. You only need to bring your awesome self.

What if I have to cancel my registration for some reason?

Even though we realize that life and work can come in the way and you might not be able to make it to the workshop. We cannot offer a refund if you sign up and cannot show for the workshop. However, we can accommodate your colleague or a friend if you want. If not, we will auto-register you for the next event.

How and who do I contact in case I have any concerns or questions?

For any questions or concerns, please contact our marketing manager - Prithvi at