Case studies

Achieved #1 Rankings for Competitive Keywords in Less than 90 Days

The Challenge

The Structure Studios team came to us with a clear SEO challenge – they wanted to rank for a high-value keyword ‘landscape design software’ to grow trials and sales for their VizTerra software.

Their website had previously ranked for this term but has recently struggled for about a year to break into page 1 of Google’s search results.

They believed that there were technical SEO issues holding them back and that Google wasn’t seeing their landscape design software content as authoritative because of sitewide cannibalization and few targeted backlinks.

As we worked with their team to identify the root cause, we began to learn that for Structure Studios’ to appear for this keyword again, we needed to re-focus their VizTerra landing page. Technical SEO, Content and Digital PR health all needed to be improved so that the page could become an authoritative hub on the ‘landscape design software’ topic once again.

We forecasted that our efforts would reclaim their visibility for this topic, drive traffic, engagement, and ultimately trial signups to deliver a positive ROI.

The Solution

Our process was to fully evaluate Structure Studios’ website and competitors for relevance and authority on the ‘landscape design software’ topic using Powered by Search’s B2B SaaS SEO Framework.

This framework left no stone unturned so that we could determine exactly why Structure Studios were not seeing the results they wanted.

  • The Technical SEO gaps on Structure Studios website that were contributing to crawling and indexing issues.
  • The Content gaps that were leading to missed opportunities for relevance and authority in terms of their ideal customer’s search intent.
  • The Digital PR gaps that were preventing Structure Studios from being seen by Google as an authoritative source for the topic through backlinks from influential websites in their industry.

We applied our core focuses of Consolidating Similar Pages and Enriching Content User Experience to discover a number of issues where Structure Studios own content was cannibalizing itself for this topic and diluting their authority.

We recommended a cleaner content architecture so that the website would have a definitive hub for ‘landscape design software’ on, and either recommended redirecting or canonicalizing similar pages to eliminate cannibalization.

For this landing page itself, we also knew that we needed to optimize the content so that it was in-depth, spoke to the ideal customer’s problems and challenges that would require purchasing the software, and of course met all on-page SEO best practices.

The Structure Studios team was able to rebuild the content following our recommendations so that it comprehensively covered the topic and clearly answered the intent of their ideal customer through showcasing the benefits of their software, compelling images, and enticing calls-to-action.

After about a month of focused effort addressing Technical SEO and Content gaps, we were able to rank the page on the bottom of page 1 in Google. Progress, but our work wasn’t done yet.

The third piece in our B2B SaaS SEO Framework, is Digital PR. Following another of Powered By Search’s core SEO focuses, we knew that we needed to Create More Relevant Publisher Relationships to earn relevant and authoritative backlinks to accelerate the ranking process.

We identified that we needed a bit over a dozen backlinks to confidently move the page within the top 5 of Google’s search results for ‘landscape design software.’

Leveraging our relationships with websites in the landscape design, general contractor, and home improvement space we began to acquire backlinks at a steady pace over a period of 6-8 weeks.

The Results

Our result was both expected, and unexpected. We knew that our plan would eventually position Structure Studios near the top of Google’s search results for ‘landscape design software,’ but we exceeded expectations and accomplished a #1 ranking in less than 90 days.

By applying our B2B SaaS SEO Framework effectively through Powered By Search’s Technical SEO, Content, and Digital PR core focuses we were able to optimize Structure Studios’ website for a key revenue-driving topic, and skyrocket visibility.