The Ideal Client

We help senior marketers and entrepreneurs make a bigger impact by turning clicks into customers like clockwork.

We can help if you are…

  • A high growth company that knows it can make a bigger impact, if only you had more customers
  • Ready to make your digital marketing a permanent, thriving part of your culture
  • Sick of trying to do it yourself with limited, short-term results
  • Eager to be recognized and pursued as a national or global leader in your industry
  • Ready to commit to a digital marketing system that reliably generates leads and sales

Our Ideal Client

  • Wants to become a digital-first business, but has challenges strategically acquiring prospects from digital channels, engaging them to stick around, and profitably converting them into their best customers.
  • Usually, this shows up in the form of missed targets, lack of buy-in from senior management, inadequate digital marketing investment, and confusion around clearly connecting digital marketing initiatives to a tangible return on investment.
  • Wants to hire us because of our expertise and objectivity (it’s unparalleled in our field) combining strategy, systems, and staff. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take the results we drive for clients very seriously.


  • Willing to have us in the driver’s seat by inviting us to — decide which symptoms are relevant, diagnose the problem accurately, and prescribe the best solutions that can lead to real change but minimizes disruption as much as possible.
  • Quick to connect and share wins and challenges, and quick to implement recommendations.
  • Responsible for themselves. This means showing up on time, being prepared, and owning problems and solutions.
  • Value-focused and have no hesitation about the investment involved to turn their ideas into action, and confusion into clarity. They happily grow with us as their company grows, because not hiring us is much more expensive than doing so.
  • Open to a different perspective on delivering work and communication, and is willing to try things out. We believe the best way to grow your marketing and sales is to be flexible and innovative.

The vast majority of our clients are our ideal clients, and we are fortunate and grateful to deliver a dream result together every single day.

They are smart, hard-working, funny, and they really care about doing a great job.

They’ve enabled us to become a multi-million dollar, self-funded digital agency, by growing their own initiatives, and by inviting new clients into Powered by Search so that we can spend more time working together, rather than looking for new clients.

Perhaps you’re our next big success story.

Would you like to work with us?