Why We Chose to Be a B2B SaaS Marketing Agency

Since the inception of Powered by Search, there is a scenario that has played out numerous times that depicts how our agency came to be horizontally focused, serving a variety of different verticals from real estate, to the financial services industry, to the SaaS and technology industry. 

Here’s an example of the scenario: we’d be working with a client in the real estate industry achieving great results for them. After several years, a new CMO would come in and our point of contact would decide to jump ship to a new company in the hotel business. After 90 days at their new gig, they’d have a sense of the marketing problems that needed to be solved there, reach out to us, and before we knew it we’d have a new client in the hotel business.

In the early years, the verticals we ended up serving happened almost by accident through referrals like these. So when it came to our positioning as an agency, the most common thing we saw was that we were continually solving complex and expensive problems around SEO and PPC, specifically helping our clients get more traffic and convert it into leads and sales.

Over the last couple of years, however, we’ve been considering making a move to hone our focus to a single vertical. And here are the 3 primary reasons why we’ve landed on the SaaS and technology industry:

  1. We’ve developed a deep understanding of the common marketing problems that SaaS businesses face.
  2. We’ve accumulated a series of demonstrable and repeatable results for our SaaS clients.
  3. We’ve seen how focusing on serving SaaS companies has led to expertise that compounds on itself.

We think furthering this compounding learning curve is a win-win for our clients and for us. In this post, we lay out some of the reasons why and share how our approach to working with SaaS companies differs from most other agencies out there. 

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The Reasons We Landed on Becoming a B2B SaaS Marketing Agency

The Reasons We Landed on Becoming a B2B SaaS Marketing Agency

In our past experiences working with B2B SaaS companies, we’ve learned that many of them deal with similar marketing problems. 

For starters, many of our initial conversations start out with the founder or VP of Marketing  saying, “We hired an agency and they burned us”—an indicator that even with all of the agencies out there, there is still a lot left to be desired on the SaaS marketing services front. 

This is one of several themes we’ve come to understand as the common marketing problems that SaaS businesses face, which brings us to reason #1.

Reason #1: We’ve Developed a Deep Understanding of the Common Marketing Problems That SaaS Businesses Face

In our conversations with SaaS companies, there are a number of common roadblocks that come up all the time. For example:

  • Google Adwords isn’t working for us
  • Organic search takes too long
  • The CPC with LinkedIn ads is way too expensive
  • Our content marketing isn’t converting like we want it to
  • We haven’t been able to leverage remarketing properly
  • We don’t know which blog posts being published lead to demos or trials

These are examples of common tactical problems. But the biggest problem we see SaaS companies face in their marketing (that’s not always clear to them) is that they have goals and tactics, but they lack a cohesive marketing strategy to ensure their tactics actually accomplish their goals. And it’s often just due to the way companies are structured. 

In a larger company, for example, you have VP’s setting goals for their direct marketing teams (eg. a copywriter, designer, and product marketer) to achieve. And the direct marketing team spends their time deploying the tactics that are meant to achieve those goals, but there is a crucial missing part of the equation which is someone with expertise in building a strategy to make it all work.  

For smaller companies (including startups in say, a Series A funding round), it’s often just a tiny team whose expertise is in SaaS product development and not marketing. 

SaaS companies too often focus on what’s urgent and important in the short term, without seeing the bigger picture of how it all fits into a longer term strategy that will get more leads and demos for their sales teams, and increase their MRR

Results brings us to the second reason we’ve transitioned to a SaaS focused agency.

Reason #2: We’ve Accumulated a Series of Demonstrable and Repeatable Results for Our SaaS Clients

The greatest desires of our clients are generally the same.

They want to understand how they can improve their current marketing efforts. They want to improve the results of their efforts fast. And they want to know that the resources they’re spending on marketing are going to pay off. 

One of our main attractions to serving SaaS companies is that we deliver results to clients and we’re able to prove it.

Take our work with PointClickCare, for example (view case study):

Client example from our SaaS marketing agency: PointClickCare.

PointClickCare is the #1 cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform for long-term care. When they came to us, they were in a growth stage looking to improve demand generation and add more qualified leads to their sales funnel. 

Following our predictable growth methodology (more on this below), we helped PointClickCare understand two areas where they had room for improvement. 

  • Customer-content fit: By shortening some of their long form e-books that they’d been using as lead magnets (and in some cases just changing the title from e-book to guide/cheat sheet), we made their content more attractive for prospective customers to opt into.
  • Preventing ad fatigue: By using a mix of static, in-feed, and video ads, we ensured their target audiences were engaged, but not to the extent to where they were tired of seeing their ads.

In just under 6 months (commensurate with the speed we know our SaaS clients want), we used Linkedin Lead Generation ads to generate 1208 new Skilled Nursing leads, 311 new Senior Living leads, and 544 new Home Care leads (getting them the results and the certainty that their resources were being well spent). 

And the final reason that we’ve decided to focus exclusively on serving technology and SaaS companies is that our expertise has been compounding on itself.

Reason #3: We’ve Seen How Focusing on Serving SaaS Companies Has Led to Expertise That Compounds on Itself

Our experiences over the last decade have given us insight into key marketing questions SaaS companies have to answer. 

For example, what should a demo cost (in acquisition costs) for an enterprise SaaS company? Or, for mid-sized SaaS companies working with SMB’s, when should you focus on trials versus demos?

We’ve seen how the recurring revenue based model lends itself to forecasting and predictability that is more challenging to achieve in other industries. We can look at current growth next to churn rate, see how many months of revenue you have in the future, and make marketing decisions based on the context of those metrics.

With the knowledge base we’ve developed, we can confidently and consistently work with our established processes to reduce customer acquisition costs while increasing quality leads and conversion rates—which brings us to our approach and what separates us from other agencies.

How Our Approach Differs from Other SaaS Marketing Agencies 

There are two primary things that we believe separate Powered by Search from the average B2B SaaS marketing agency. 

  1. We have a structured, Predictable Growth Methodology (that’s documented and free to access).
  2. We’ve identified 7 additional types of fit (beyond product-market fit) that help us see your SaaS marketing operation from many different angles and identify areas where we can improve results.

Let’s look at these a bit closer. 

1. We Have a Structured, Predictable Growth Methodology and Process

Powered by Search's Predictable Growth Methodology for SaaS marketing.

We have outlined and fully mapped out our marketing principles and our entire process from a high level to a granular one. 

Want to know what it’s like to work with us? Read through our methodology and you can see the exact steps we take in our piloting and onboarding process. 

It may come as a surprise that we would share this much detail about our process openly, but we are firm believers in transparency, and we see that sharing insight into the way we think and approach SaaS marketing allows us to earn and hold the trust of our clients.

The other part of our approach that we think differentiates us from other agencies we see is that we’ve identified 7 types of fit beyond product-market fit that guide us and provide many different angles from which we can test and improve your marketing efforts.

2. We’ve Identified 7 Additional Types of Fit to Solve SaaS Growth Problems (Beyond Product-Market Fit)

We discussed this in depth in a recent article, but essentially we’ve conceptualized a handful of lesser-known and under-discussed types of fit that SaaS companies are rarely considering in their marketing strategy.

While everyone is well aware of the concept of product-market fit (and sometimes aware of customer-content fit), there are these other types of fit that can help you see where you’re going wrong and where you have room to test and improve results. 

In total, here are the 8 types of fit we work on: 

  1. Product-market fit
  2. Message-market fit
  3. Customer-channel fit
  4. Customer-content fit
  5. Journey-offer fit
  6. Funding-velocity fit
  7. Customer-offer fit
  8. Talent-trajectory fit

Remember above how we mentioned that the common theme we’ve seen in our positioning over the years has been that we’ve been solving complex and expensive problems for companies around SEO and PPC?

It’s our predictable growth methodology and this ability to look at marketing programs from many different angles that has allowed us to consistently solve these complex problems. So if you’ve been encountering complex digital marketing problems in your own SaaS business, we’d like to encourage you to reach out to us to see if we can help you solve them. 

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