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How We Helped Loopio Increase Demos by 41% Quarter Over Quarter and Achieve Consistent Growth

The Challenge

Capturing a clear market opportunity using paid digital programs

While many companies struggle with building a strong product that is in high demand, Marcus Di Rollo, the Digital Marketing Manager at Loopio, had a special kind of challenge.

One that many companies wish they had.

See, Loopio already had a strong product offering and Marcus had seen a clear market opportunity to introduce more potential customers to Loopio.

Marcus was responsible for generating high-quality Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) through Loopio’s paid digital program and its website. The aim was to drive revenue acquisition and increase Loopio’s market share.

Because digital marketing programs are a core part of Loopio’s path to business growth, Marcus wanted to scale Loopio’s demo volume.

“Our paid digital program was performing well, but we needed to really scale it to take advantage of the marketing opportunity that we had,” explains Marcus.

Google search had been a great source of high-quality leads, but the challenge of maxing out on the bottom of the funnel prospecting campaigns loomed large.

“Search can be one of those channels where if you don’t do the foundational work properly or if you just set it and forget it, you can reach a plateau, we needed to ensure we saw continued positive results from this channel,” says Marcus.

In his quest to capture the clear market opportunity, Marcus didn’t just focus on its major lead sources, he wanted new growth channels.

“Anytime we’re trying to scale a digital program, we don’t put all our eggs in one basket or two baskets with LinkedIn and Google Ads. So expanding channel performance was really important for us,” he explains.

Marcus was not looking for a one-hit-wonder. He wanted to keep attracting high-quality leads consistently.

To achieve this goal, Marcus knew he needed to work with a high-performing team.

“I want to have full transparency with what they’re doing and what they’re executing. And I want to make sure that I feel like I’m being heard as well…It should be a partnership,” Marcus states.

Plus, he needed a team that he could trust to monitor Loopio’s accounts when he was dealing with other tasks. “I want to make sure I’m working with a company that is constantly monitoring our accounts and staying on top of optimizations,” says Marcus.

Luckily for Marcus, Loopio was already working with Powered by Search on its Paid Search and Paid Social programs for 3 years. He was sure that this team could beat the challenge of taking advantage of a clear marketing opportunity and attracting high-quality leads consistently.

The Solution

A proven, predictable, and repeatable demo scaling methodology

Loopio and Powered by Search agreed to work together using a quarterly roadmap. The first order of business was developing a strategy using Powered by Search’s Predictable Growth Methodology.

This predictable and proven process was a stress reliever for Marcus because he didn’t have to guess what Powered by Search was doing.

“There’s always a scientific methodology around the things that they initiate and the “why” behind the initiatives. They always tie their suggestions back to how each initiative will achieve our end goals,” explains Marcus.

After the strategy was in place, it was time to implement it. Powered by Search started by slightly going up the funnel with Loopio’s Google Search account.

“Powered by Search optimized our Google Search account consistently. They were always in there making strong changes, testing consistently, and doing things I knew needed to be done on a daily basis, which I really appreciate,” says Marcus.

Beyond optimizing Loopio’s Google Search account and LinkedIn Conversation Ads, Powered by Search also expanded Loopio’s digital program to include Bing advertising.

The communication and reporting from the Powered by Search team has been excellent. Marcus receives weekly, monthly, and quarterly performance reports. Plus, he receives separate reporting for individual campaigns and special projects.

“Their communication and reporting structure is very strong. I always feel I know what’s going on in the accounts and what they are looking to execute,” states Marcus.

He always has full transparency and information that he can share with his other stakeholders and the rest of his team.

“The constant open communication on their side is really important. Especially within reporting budget pacing and all those key metrics that we follow on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to keep our program on track,” says Marcus.

Marcus believes that Loopio’s great relationship with Powered by Search is because of its B2B SaaS expertise.

“One of the biggest advantages of Powered by Search is their B2B SaaS experience. The B2B SaaS world is a very particular world. And it pays to have an agency or company that has that experience because they understand the day-to-day, they understand what you’re trying to do, and they understand the business impact you’re trying to make,” he explains.

Loopio has benefited from the team of experts at Powered by Search.

“The strategists that they have and that you have as a client at your disposal are truly top notch. They are experts in their field and they know exactly what they need to do to reach the goals that you’re trying to attain,” says Marcus. “And it shows in the quality of work that they showcase daily. With the suggestions that they put forward, the initiative that they put forward, there’s a lot of intent behind that and I just really appreciate working with them on a daily basis.”

Marcus has complete trust in the Powered by Search team, and he doesn’t have to worry about his accounts being neglected.

“I know that every day, they’re monitoring our paid search account and getting the best results,” he says.

The Results

41% increase in demos quarter over quarter (QoQ)

After working with Powered by Search, Marcus is thrilled by the results Loopio has achieved. In just 3 months, Loopio’s leads increased by 41%, which is no mean feat.

Specifically, the demos booked from Google Ads have increased by 45%. LinkedIn, which has been a primary lead source for Loopio, has seen a 41% increase in new demos booked.

“That growth has consistently been within that 20 to 40% range quarter over quarter from LinkedIn specifically,” says Marcus.

These results have helped Marcus achieve his goal of scaling demo volume.

“With Google Ads and LinkedIn being primary channels for us, seeing that consistent growth from those channels alone really helps fuel that digital program and the scaling of that digital program,” Marcus states.

Since Powered by Search expanded the program to include Bing advertising, there has been a 21% increase in the demos from Bing.

The success that Marcus has achieved isn’t only about scaling Loopio’s digital programs. He saves 10 hours per week because of Powered by Search’s support and expertise. This is time he would have had to spend monitoring and optimizing Loopio’s digital accounts.

“It’s definitely freed up more time to really focus on other projects and other things that Loopio is trying to do on a quarterly basis,” states Marcus.

For B2B SaaS companies that want to achieve predictable growth quarter over quarter, Marcus recommends Powered by Search.

“I would definitely recommend Powered by Search because you are going to be working with a company that has tremendous experience in the B2B world. Their strategists can provide you with key initiatives that will help grow your business.”